15 June 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was so great this year. The weather was just beautiful and the Easter Program at Calvary Chapel was amazing like usual. We spent Easter at the Erickson's this year and the egg hunts and decorations were great. It was fun to see Everett running around trying to get eggs in his basket and then he would run and try to hide them afterward. He also looked so dang cute with the Easter outfit from his Grandma Janet nd his leather Jacket his sweet Aunt Pam got him even before he was born. Berlin also looked so adorable. Janet always makes my kids look so adorable especially on special occasions like this. We are so so blessed and days like Easter Sunday are such a great reminder of that.

Side note: Since we spent Easter with the Erickson's we spent the evening before with my mom and Dave and also our cousins who recently moved from Nebraska to Montana. It has been so fun hanging out with them they are a blast and our kids get along so well here they are playing and dancing. love them!

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Jordyn Parry said...

Cute pics! And I love that leather jacket!