31 October 2008

My little PUMPKIN

We carved our pumpkins and I like to carve mine out as fast as possible so in case you were wondering I carved 2 of those not Berlin and then Whit my sis carved out the better one. Michael missed out he went to a football game in Twin to watch our nephew James tear it up as the cute! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween and I will post pics of our costumes Sunday.

29 October 2008

My Lover Girl

Berlin is now almost 14 months and she is at the most adorable age. She loves her babies and anything that has to do with girls and princess's. She also loves her Auntie Whit who takes care of her often.


Welcome to the start to many pictures of our house we are building.
Here is the ground breaking and next pic will be of foundation! How exciting!

OH have you missed them SO!

Well I am now taking the cake decor intermediate class here is my first cake and in case you are wondering it is lilacs that are purple:)

Berlin's First Fall in SAN FRAN

So Berlin fell on some sandy pavement and got her first major scratch while visiting cousins in CA. Also I've attached some pics of us at the game and our new cousin Greyson that Berlin couldn't get enough of. I am so behind on blogging you are going to get a bit of an overload:) My bad!

14 October 2008


Papa Dave & Grawma Janet are taking a photography class and here are some candids that they sent me from before they knew how to send them through email:) JK Janet!
These pictures are so cute...they really show Berlin's true personality. She loves Popsicles and hats enough said.

Also Michael and I just got home from visiting cousins in San Fran and I will post those pics by the end of the week. We had a great time especially snuggling our new cousin Greyson and we always love snuggling up to Mackenzie...not to mention the rubbing of the fabulous belly...Abbey who by the way is having a girl that I think is going to be named Geneva Elis (Pronounced Alise) Calleros looked so great and so happy she had that wonderful pregnancy glow.
Oh and I have to post a pic of Berlin's jeans that Alex and Liz got her you will want them for yourself!
I will have to get Pam to send me some more pics from the trip I kind of slacked in that department...she took some great pics not to mention teaching Berlin how to blow kisses:)