29 September 2010

Miss Me? and Turning 3!

Hello again! It has been a long while since I have posted. Though I could lie and say we had an eventful summer and why I havn't posted in 4 months and why Everett is almost 1 and hasn't had the blog posts he deserves instead I will just tell you that we didn't I just have been busy with finishing up my meteorolgy certification and enjoying this beautiful weather with my sweet little family.

Since the fourth of July I turned 28...BLAH it hurts to even type that! Everett boy has turned 10 months and my Berlin Mae turned 3! I am going to dedicate this post to her celebration.

Berlin Mae now THREE YEARS OLD!!!

My sweet baby girl has turned three and she couldn't be more proud of her age. She has started pre-school and on the ITD dance team. She loves to read, play Barbies, color and her new fascination is the movie Annie! She is such a fun child and has really started to show her comedic side. She belly laughs a lot and LOVES her little brother. I know I've talked about Berlin's obssesion with her silky blanket and her thumb but her "new" comfort is her little brother. Like her blanket once she sees him or touches him she pops that thumb right into her mouth.

We did another bounce house this birthday with a Princess Theme. Berlin was Cinderella and even her grandma Brenda got into character as the Queen:) We had a fun time with our wonderful friends and family. We also enjoyed a beautiful Cinderella cake that I made with fondant it was awesome...I had help from a cake decorator in our area but it was a blast to make and when Berlin saw the cake she lit up!

Berlin Mae you are growing up way too fast. I love everything about you and every birthday I have to ask myself if this blessed life is for real. You are my sunshine sweetheart and I love you more than my words could ever express. Happy 3rd year!

Grandma B

The cake

Barbie Rollerblades!

Her favorite gift...the PILLOW PET!!

Playin with her favorite comfort

First Day of Preschool

More Party Fun