14 April 2009

10 years!

Here is the story Matt and I did for my mom for her 10 year anniversary at NBC. Enjoy...

Just click on the link and go to the featured video it's really funny:)

Easter Sunday 09'


Berlin is really talking up a storm lately. She says "hold me mom" if she wants you to go with her she says "hand dad hand" She LOVES to sing...I have the new song by black eyed peas on the blog because she LOVES this song!!! I'm not kidding when Fergie start to belt out her part Berlin starts singing at the top of her lungs it is hilarious!!! I love you berlinny mae...I also wanted to congratulate my friend Court and her husband Brady on their new addition Cooper B Adams he is sooo adorable!

Best Friends!

Look at these little cuties! This is Berlin's best friend Addyson Pfannenstiel. They are so stinking cute together. Berlin seriously talks about her all the time and loves playing with her.
A cute little thing happened when we were all hanging out...Sara and I were in the kitchen and Kenny and Michael were talking in the living room until Addyson came into the kitchen with her hair sticking straight up on the side sopping wet! I said "oh no is the bathroom door open and right then here comes BIG GIRL Berlin pumping iron with 2 HUGE rolls of soaking toilet paper! It was so funny!

Lesley Roy

Quick note...I had the opportunity to meet the singer Lesley Roy. What an amazing singer. She was on our show to give a little interview with Matty D. about her new album and a little history on herself since she is just starting out in the business. She was beautiful, talented and the opening act for David Archuleta.
If you would like to hear her song it is in my playlist on the left side of this blog I think I have the song "I'm going, I'm gone."