29 April 2008

I'm So ExCITeD & I JuST CaN'T HiDE It!

She can clap her hands when told
She can wave hi and goodbye
If you ask her where the doggie is she will look at the dogs
She can dance...really good...That is ALL me:)
She can say DADDA and she says Momma by saying Dadda in a whisper
She can stand in her crib...seriously the cutest thing!
She can almost crawl but she prefers to ROLL to everything she wants.
She now eats and likes turkey...she LOVES sweet potatoes and corn...and she LOVES prunes.
Way to go Berlin!
She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much.

Who's been Sleeping in my BED?

Okay all, So Goldie Locks has made the transfer and seriously I am a little bugged by how easy she did it:( I have been "letting" Berlin sleep in our bed ever since she was born. I have been doing this especially because of my job and how early I work so feeding her would be fast and easy. Since Berlin is now old enough to sleep through the night and has been for a while...we decided to take the plunge! Last Night!!!
Okay so I actually LOVE sleeping with her and really could have her sleep in there forever...hahaha but really I could. So it was a very hard move but she did it...she woke up twice for about 2 minutes and then went back to sleep.
Also I attached a picture of Berlin to this post that is from when she was like 2 months old...where has my baby gone:) Damn they seriously grow too fast!!!

24 April 2008

Holla Back MoMMa's!

Okay I need help! Berlin is so miserable...we went to the Dr. on Tuesday and she has a viral throat infection which pretty much means you can't do a dang thing! We have given her a little baby Tylenol but I feel so helpless.
Everything I have read says plenty of fluids,rest and tonz of love. Does anyone have anything to add she is 7 months. I read something about chicken broth? Any other suggestions along that line? Come on give up your remedies...she is sooo miserable and has the WORST runny nose:(

19 April 2008

Berlins Talent's

Okay so I guess teething isn't a talent but in the mom book it is:)
Berlin has 2 teefers and seriously when she smiles with them I can't help but almost cry because she is growing too fast.
Also here are some pictures from Thursday of her moving around she is so close to crawling but I haven't really baby proofed to the max so hopefully she will slow down with that talent.
Berlin is such a sweet heart and I can't help but kiss her up every time I get my hands on her.
She can now say Dadda but she thinks both Michael and I are Dadda and when I try to have her say momma she just says Dadda but in a whisper...she is so fun and has such a sweet and funny thing that I know she is picking up from the Baumgartner side is her ability to dance to ANYTHING that comes her way...she dances to real music and then mom music which is something my sibling's are very used to and that is dance and techno music that I make up, A cappella of course.

14 April 2008

Want to WORK OUT?

Okay I saw this and had to post is so dang funny and I am so tempted to buy one does anyone want to go halfsies?

I want TO ROCK!!!

Okay so Saturday night we went to the Jimmy Eat World Paramore concert and seriously I was so stoked because I love alternative music and to be able to jump around and feel like a little kid who doesn't need that:) Concerts are my excuse to act like I did when I was five. Crazy and a little hyper.
The concert was so fun we had seats in the stands but it just takes a little negotiating and you can get on the floor you just have to find the right security guard:)Well if they come to your town and you like to dance it will be a pretty fun time:)

07 April 2008


Okay so this is what it would look like if you were to freeze time in 1989 and only I was to age:)

If you are not understanding let me give you a little history lesson about my life...In 1989 I was 6 years old and I had twin sisters who had not yet turned 2 and then my mom and dad brought home twin baby brothers who had spent some time in the hospital and were a couple months old.
Jump forward to mom has just recently befriended a family with the almost exact scenario minus the 6 yr old daughter. A woman she had read about in the news paper having two sets of twin’s 2 yr old girls and NOW twin baby boys:)
Last week we went over to their home to visit and I had this very weird comfortableness in this wild world of twins:)

My mom asked "sooo what do you think about this? Do you think you could imagine having this life?" I thought maybe for 1 second and said "mom this is my life and crazy enough I feel a little too comfortable in this situation"


Alright so I had to post a new addition to my girlfriend family because she is so adorable and truly makes me smile at the thought of my girlfriend and her family in total happiness over this little one!
...I would like to introduce to you all Quincy Hadlock a sweet baby girl, daughter of Stacy and Sean and niece to Jodee:) I like to include myself in my girlfriends families so if Court is this babies Godmother:) I would like to be her Auntie B:) Berlin & Quin BFF:)

01 April 2008

April 1st Whawhoo!!

This is how we joke at work on 4.1.08:)
Hopefully you know what gettin RICKROLLED just makes the joke a little funnier:)

It's a BIG Sky Mini Vaca!

Okay so if our 10 days to San Diego wasn't enough we had to go on another vacation. Peer pressure is something I tend to fall into when it comes to the Smith family:) Something about them and the begging and complaining of how the beautiful Montana condo just won't be fun unless the Erickson's are there....SOOO we decided to make the trip and give the cousins a Spring Break they would never forget! HAHAHA! No but really we tagged along (in the middle of the week...thanks Matt D!) and went snowboarding and had the best time! The only thing is I was so out of shape that the Mountain kicked my butt and also solidified my decision to be a skier once again:)
As for the youtube clip of "CHarlie bit my Finger" a bit of a inside joke so that is my little shout out to Mac and Abs:)