29 March 2008

Easter Bunny...Where are you???!!?

I love Easter weekend it is always filled with friends and family oh and my favorite...CANDY! The only thing is...when we came up stairs from the in-laws house the Easter bunny FORGOT that Berlin was staying in IF and not POky soooo mom had to run to Walmart the only store open on Easter to get a basket for the hunt:) We also had a little pinata action and we had a wonderful church service at the civic...such a great lesson.
Hopefully the Easter bunny will REMEMBER to hook Berlin up at the right house next year:) I know SANTA would never do that:)
Oh and here are the cute flower cupcakes I made.

Swimming with DAD

So Berlin had another aqua babies class and this time it was dad's turn in the water. She had such fun time, she loves her new surf suit.
Oh and then in the car seat bundled up for the ride home:)

San Diego Part II

Okay so here are more pics of San Diego and Sea World. At the end a few pics from the week we got home. Enjoy.

18 March 2008

Okay here is the start of the trip!

Okay so this is the first part of our great trip to Cali. I will post the last part of the trip later in the week...the party we are getting ready for is Alex and Elizabeth's engagement party. I will post more pics from the party and also our amazing behind the scenes tour of Sea World soon.