15 June 2011

Let's DANCE!

So Berlin spent this last year on a competitive dance team...that's right this high school athlete has a little girl that wears make-up and gets in dresses and DANCES. WHAT??!! I NEVER in all my life would think that I would be a DANCE mom. Ya know I love to dance and I love all my dancing friends and cheerleader mom and grandma BUT I LOVE sports. LOVE it still to this day. I always ask Michael if he wants to play me in a little one on one basketball tournament and the funny thing is (I really truly deeply think I could be a fierce and good competitor) I just have always enjoyed competing in all my activities and dance has really turned my life around and ACTUALLY gained ALL my respect. I LOVE it and I can't be more excited to see what my little girls chooses in her future. Here are some great pictures of her at rehearsals and after the competitions. She took home 2 first place awards and at 3 years old the youngest on her team. Who says dance can't be a competition. Love my little dancer

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Hayley Nelson Potter said...

That is fun that Berlin loves to dance. You were a cheerleader at heart and then chose the dark side last Cute family!