23 June 2008

I HeArT Target!

Okay so seriously how cute is this? I have been looking for a bike helmet for Berlin because we have a bike trailer and I just want to be extra safe and get her used to wearing a helmet. The only helmets I have been able to find are 3+ and 5+. So while in Idaho Falls this weekend for a 5K race I ran because my MOM MADE ME:) I found a helmet that is 1+, so stinken cute!
Also this is a pic of my media team from the race...our team won:) Also it was so funny...When it was time for the raffle I told my team and everyone around me that I am so lucky and that I always win at raffle drawings. Seriously though I do, I always win at Michael's golf tournament raffles and the last 5K I won a gift back to this current raffle I am sitting on the ground talking and my name gets called...I jump up cheering giving my group the "I told you so" look and not knowing what I had won they handed me a brand new Ipod Nano! I already have one but Michael doesn't have the new one so he got a sweet present and he didn't even have to run for it! But again let me tell you all...I always win at raffles:)

19 June 2008

DADDA's Day!

As you all know last Sunday was Father's Day and I won't go into intimate detail about my thoughts of my husband as a father or my feelings about my own father way to long of a post I will say this: I am married to not only the best husband a girl could ask for...but a man that loves his daughter as much as I know my dad once loved me.
Michael is the most affectionate, caring, funny and loving father and though I know you all think you have the best catch there is no doubt in my mind that Michael is the BEST man for me and Father of Berlin.
It was a wonderful day to celebrate the new dads & remembering our own dad's.
Happy Father's day!...sorry so late:)

Also I attached some cute photo's of our Berlinny Mae:)


I am so sorry to age all my girlfriends but my sisters turned 21 on the 12th of June!!! We are getting so OLD:( No seriously I am really bummed about it too. I turn well let's just say I am on my way down the 20's hill and starting to roll making my journey faster and faster this year especially.
Anyway back to my 21 so my mom said what better way to celebrate than a trip to JACKPOT NEVADA! We had the best time and all of us left with at least $150 fun...girls weekends rock!


Here are some pictures of this years Beer Fest in Idaho Falls. It was so fun and if you are a micro beer drinker this is your event of the year. Michael and I really had such a great time hanging with friends we don't see often and also running into people we haven't seen in years. I think they said there were 30,000 people there from all over the country...HUGE deal for little if town.

13 June 2008


Court this pic is for you! This is why I don't like severe weather. This is a tornado in Omaha NE sent in from a viewer who has family there. WOW...seriously this is why you LISTEN to those sirens COURT!

12 June 2008


5 ThINgS:

5 things on my list of things to do today:
1. Sign Fathers Day Cards
2. Shop for the best dadda
3. Tan at 12:30 in a bed because the wx sucks here no SPF sorry Courts dad and my MOM
4. Berlin's Swimming lessons at 6:30
5. Go to dinner with my sis for her 21st b-day!!! CRAZY!
5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Cheddar and Triscits
2. String Cheese
3. Wasabi Almonds
4. Whips yogart
5. Chocolate Milk
5 things I would do if I suddenly became a billionaire:
1. Have more kids and probably adopt a ton also would become a foster parent with all the time I would have.
2. Buy a house in all the cities I love including San Diego, Huntington Beach, Cabo Mexico, Denver CO a cabin in MT and an apartment in NYC.
3. Buy a bunch of toys like a boat and an RV big enough for all my kids.
4. Oh and my family home would be on a lot of land for my own petting zoo and farm for my kids and my mom.
5. Give my money to research and charities. (How sad that this is my #5)
5 places I've lived:
1. Omaha NE
2. St. George UT
3. Idaho Falls ID
4. San Diego CA
5. Boise ID
5 jobs I've held:
1. Formal and Bridal Shop Consultant
2. Nanny (live out of course)
3. Ann Taylor Loft Sales Associate
4. Lancome Beauty Artist
5. NBC Channel 6 Morning wx Anchor
5 things people don't know about me:
1. I HATE Cotton Candy
2. I love horror movies
3. I really think that I am better than you at any game:)
4. I can still do a back handspring.
5. I hate body hair...hahaha I know a little too much info
5 people tagged:
1. MERA...I had too
2. Alexis
3. Steph
4. Nicole
5. Nancy