31 December 2008


Well I'm still in shock that 2008 has come and gone! The news continues to do all of the "look backs" and it's so amazing how time flies as an adult. I now have a 1 yr old who thinks she is 5 and a dream home that is almost complete...a vacation I've been waiting for all year has come and gone and a birthday that's creeping up on my husband faster than he likes:)
The holidays really like to creep up on us, pounce and then leave us in the dust standing there all alone and a little sad. If your hitting that winter wall that I just hit yesterday here are some great Christmas photos to put a smile on your face.
Christmas Day: Oh and for a side note Berlin got a potty from Santa because she is obsessed with ours and she had pee peed twice in it yesterday!!!hahaha GO BERLIN!


Annual Erickson Party in Shelley


30 December 2008

We're GOing to DISNEYLAND!!!

Okay so we had such an amazing time in Disneyland with my family. We went there during the "dead weak" for our Christmas present from my parents. It was such a blast to see little Berlinny light up at the kids, rides and princesses.
We also went to Universal Studios, CA Adventure Park and Downtown Disney for some amazing meals. If you are going soon DEFINITELY go on Tower or Terror and Soaring over CA in CA Adv! Berlin LOVED the Bugs Life land in that park as well. The Simpson's ride in Universal Studios was amazing!
I love Disneyland and Orange County and hope we can make this a family tradition.


Universal Studios


29 December 2008

Red Knight Going Down...Down,Down,Down

Okay so our team color was red so we had to change our chant to blue knight going down down, down down:)
It has been a while since I have posted since we have been out of town (Disneyland, Universal Studio's and Downtown Disney) So the next few post's will be filled with a lot of picture slide shows...enjoy.


05 December 2008

Oh no you didn't!!!

Okay so we have been singing, telling stories and even teaching her the famous line "HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!" And this is the end result:)
We went to the Festival of Trees today that the Portneuf Medical Center puts on and it was just beautiful. The trees every year are always so pretty and this year to see Berlin oh and awe was so cute. Here she is looking a bit confused at the tree that is having a conversation with her (the talking tree:) and then another is the train that she was amazed with.

04 December 2008

LOOK at my Little GOOF BALL!

Here are some currents of my cutie pie Berlin Mae and her new face that she pulls and she holds for like 2-5 minutes of just showing her teeth! So funny. Also I can't ever resist the tub pics it truly is her favorite time of day! That first pic of her in the tub is her attitude:) she really got mad at me for taking her picture! and the doll hahaha I love how she is such a little momma and she really kind of looks like the baby too:)

I love you so much BOWLIN BOWLIN!!

Busy Busy

Apparently in Montana caged Turkey's at gas stations is the "New Trend"Hopefully everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I'm very sad to report that my football team lost but that is because it was cold and Mandy wasn't on my team to tell us where to go. Also my brother was a powerhouse for some reason and my sis is scrappy...and I guess because Michael used to play QB so whatever we all know that was an upset:)
Besides that disappointment, Turkey day was really fun and filled with good food fun people and delicious pies and cupcakes.Speaking of Cake here is a cute train cake I made for one of our reporters who just left us to go to CA. It was so tasty and cute.

Also this picture sums up our day. Berlin loved seeing her aunts and uncles and can't wait for Disneyland to hang with all of them again NEXT WEEK!!!Also here is a picture of an old man and his cute family that we went to dinner with recently to celebrate his birthday. He couldn't even talk though because he had lost his voice while celebrating...if you don't know who they are it's Michael's sister her husband Quinten and their adorable kids Kenedee, Carson,& Cole.
Lastly here is a picture of Michael and I at my "Winter Festival" company was really nice great prime rib and fun games. The best part of the night had to have been me winning $25 to Del Monte Meats haha ha out of all the prizes like $200 to Farr's Jewelry and gift certificates to Black Swan Inn I'm going to get some BEEF:) Funny!"

03 December 2008


Wow we are so behind on posting pictures that you will once again get an overload.
The weekend before Thanksgiving Michael and I went to visit our friends that live in Montana. It was such a wonderful time we got to visit with friends, go to a football game and went out on the town. I had never been to Missoula and man was it a cute city not to mention The Chapin's adorable house and neighborhood.

After the first night we headed south to Fairmont Hot Springs in MT about an hour from Dillion where Michael and I got these awesome mini beer cans we started to laugh and had to get them for our friends. We met up with Andrew Thie and his cute girlfriend Ellie and spent the whole night going down the reminded me of Heise as kids it was a blast.We all went for Seans birthday and we are all so lucky to be such great friends after so many years. Anyway here are the pics from our fab weekend.

19 November 2008

Some I Missed!

Here are some better pics of Halloween. We try to always go to Michael's Grandparents house who live down the street so all the little kids can refuel with some hot soup and a little costume fashion show. If you are wondering...that's right I am a French Maid...yeah a little embarrassing at the grandparents house but I had black leggings:) As for Michael he is half dressed in his costume he was a 70's detective with an awesome greasy wig and a killer mustache. but there you can just see his shirt:) Halloween is a little different now with kids now I can actually post the pictures of ourselves dressed up online:)

13 November 2008

Day 17 November 13

Okay here is the second update of the house. I will be posting more pictures as the house progresses.

11 November 2008


Berlin turned 14 months yesterday and when I was blog surfing I realized it has been a real long time that I have updated all that has been going on in her world. First I just want to say how fast the last 14 months have flown by. Berlin can now talk back to me she laughs at my jokes and seriously is an amazing macker:) She knows all of her animal sounds...she can say pappa (grandpa), Allie (her cousin), momma and dadda of course...she is close to saying grandma (my mom will argue she has already said this), she can say and sign that she is all done, bye bye, HIIIII & she is really good at this one especially when it comes to animals...she is the biggest copy cat so if you don't want her copying you like Michael copping a feel:) Lets just say Berlin has giving me a pat on the bum a few times:) and again she is the best cuddlier in the world! Also I thought I would show pics of Berlin kissing me and then Michael wanted to copy us:) hahaha! I love you BERLIN!

Trick or Treat!

Sorry for the delay of Halloween pics I have been so busy lately and then Michael and I went to Boise this last weekend to help his sister move into a home she just bought. We also went to visit some friends we have been missing. It was such a great time we met up with 20 of our friends from Boise that are also from IF and then went dancing and played until 4am!!! I know go us right! Michael got into the Whooooo mode where he goes around the bar screaming WHOOO! and talking to random people while I hide on the dance floor hahaha it was so much fun. I love Boise so much and hope to live there again soon.