14 July 2008

MY GIRLS!!! & Memory Lane...

These are my girlfriends that I love so much! I stole the pics from Mera's blog because I brought my video camera and I don't know how to load video yet:) Anyway doesn't Meradith look great. We are missing two of our best friends that are in this crew Court and Remington but we will have to get together soon. Also if you want to see Berlin is so cute go to Meradith's blog and scroll down to the shower she has a cute video of it. I love you girls and miss you all already! Oh and taking about good friends...take a stroll down memory lane...
Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. I will.

10 July 2008

Summer Candids

There are 3 new posts on this blog so sorry for the length I need to update faster. Anyway...
Here are some pics of Berlin enjoying her summer...her favorites
Those darn sunglasses MAN she loves them I have to carry them in her diaper bag so when she gets fussy she can wear them. Also she loves the tub she is such a cute little swimmer she also loves the little wading pools. She loves her stroller and going on walks we recently went to my company party and she had a great time. She loves her new car seat she is now facing forward and she LOVES seeeing her momma and dadda and we love it too. And lastly I put some pics of her in this cute dress that her cousins Alex and Liz got her from a trip to Mexico she is now big enough to wear it and she looks so adorable in it! Enjoy.


Seriously how cute is this...Berlin last week was a sick little girl she had a major temp a red throat and even broke out in a rash after the temp broke. I had been snuggling her all week and she was extremely tired. One morning while I was cleaning up I came into the living room and this is what I found...

Poor thing was asleep on the hardwood floors! So cute but so sad she must have been sooo tired.

Berlin's 1st Fourth of July

Happy Fourth everyone if i didn't see or talk to you! Here are some pictures and a little run down of our day and weekend.
Michael and I both have jobs that keep us busy on the 4th so Michael was in Soda Springs at the golf course all day and I after work decided to go to the parade in Pocatello with my sister(summer nanny) and it ended up being really fun!

Berlin's favorite floats: Anything with little kids, she LOVED the little cheerleaders. She loved these teenage girls dressed like princess's and her number 1 was definitely McGruff the crime dog...she loves dogs...I added some pictures of her with Cooper to show you the "love"! I have to save poor Coop everyday.

After the parade Berlin and I went to the course to hang with daddy and then we went to a bbq with some of the country club members. The picture of Berlin with fruit Popsicle all over her face is one of the members Berlin was in HEAVEN that Popsicle was a hit!
Lastly here is a picture of Berlin with her Poppa Dave she LOVES her grandparents. These pictures are from Sunday where we had some great bbq ribs at the Erickson's. (Dave and Michael had a rib competition going and by surprise I think Michaels rib cooking skills took the prize, really yummy:) While we were waiting for the food we had Berlin ride Buckey this cute antique mechanical horse that has been in Michael's family for years it was so cute! Everytime we asked Berlin if she wanted to Rida Horsey she would crawl over there.

We then watched the little fireworks that we had bought for Berlin it was so fun to see her expression she loves candles and fire...yup she's my little pyro;) Hahaha I shouldn't joke about that!