28 May 2009

What a good wife you would be...

I thought it would be appropriate to put the song Michael used to sing out my window when we were teens on my playlist:) Especially on our special day.
PS Just got Beautiful flowers at work...see I told you he is the BEST!

4 Years!!!

Today marks the day I married the man of my dreams.

I still remember being a Junior in High School seeing Michael in the hall and thinking there is definitely something special about him but I can't really put my finger on it. Who knew that the next year would be the first day to the rest of our lives as a couple.

Michael and I started dating officially May 18th 2001 I was graduating High School and had my bags packed ready to go to San Diego. I had the Beach bug and NOTHING was going to stop me.

Michael went back to Boise and though the direction of our relationship was a little unclear...we talked the night I got to CA and have talked everyday since. To this day I have never NOT talked to my hubby at least once a day. Michael truly is a charmer and he continues to melt my heart with his smile. He truly adds everything to our family he is the best father to our daughter and I can't even begin to tell you all of his qualities as a partner and best friend.

He makes my life complete.

I love him so much.
May 28th, 2009

13 May 2009

We DID it!!!

Please ignore how incredibly gross I look...but it was a really fun 5k that we ran on mothers day. Berlin rode in the stroller and did a great job...she kept pointing to the water we were running by and yelling Nemo Nemo!

It is cute she yells that near water but I also need to be careful with her if she ever tries to search for Nemo.

Also happy mom's day to all of you and thanks to all who text...I didn't check my phone until the later afternoon so sorry about no shout back.

Mom's rock...especially mine!

08 May 2009

Want to Laugh???

This is a live hit we did today with our newest morning show member Ty Brennan. It is so funny because the interview is about an important topic but a little audio problem makes it hard to concentrate on the news content:)

I was LAUGHING so hard in the studio.

Stamp THIS!

Here it is my second card from my card making class. Isn't it beautiful???? :) I love this class it is so fun and the product is very cool. It is really crazy though because after I make the card I don't want to give it away! The tree on the card is a stamp that I colored and then I messed up and had to turn over the paper because I pushed down too hard:)
Anyway I was the hostess last night so I got some cool products THANKS to my co-cardmaking crew. So yes if your wondering...yum that cupcake looks really good and really cute wonder if Brandi made them? Your answer: Yes she did:)

04 May 2009

Mom my hat!

K I think I will be pretty up-to date on my Berlinny posts with this one. I have mentioned before that this little girl has a sense of humor and she makes us laugh even when she isn't trying. The first couple of pictures are from her after lunch getting done with her peaches which she like to drink the juice out of the cup. Then she started to realize that she can hold the cup by suction on her face so she was showing mom what an awesome talent that was.
Also she has this new obsession with my bike helmet and she won't take it off and she likes to take it places. The last time I went to Fred Meyer as I'm getting her out of the car seat she points to the helmet and says "MOM my Hat!" I should have just let her wear it in the store but I really didn't feel like answering people's questions that day...what a character!

She is a Golden Child

Berlin is my little Golden child she brushes her teeth she saves her money and puts it in her piggy bank oh and she has time to take her babies on walks and feed and cuddle them before they go to bed. She is turning into such a little child instead of the baby I remember so well. She is so smart and it kills me how funny she is. I love her more than words could ever express and I love sharing her pictures with you all.

Straight or Curly

Last week Berlin saw that I was blow drying my hair straight. Something I have to do everyday unless I want it to be curly and frizzy. I don't have the cute curls like Berlinny does but she DEMANDED I blow dry her hair. I put the blow dryer on low and started to just let it dry. All of the sudden she looked like a different person! It was so funny she looked like a little teenager! It was so funny I couldn't believe her hair could be that straight. When i showed her in the mirror man did she LOVE what she saw.

Little updates...

So our house should be completed in about 2 weeks. Man it has been a long haul really we are coming up on a year from when we bought the lot. The house is beautiful though and really has been worth the wait. I will post pics of the final product here soon.
Now to the important stuff...BERLIN MAE! I have a few post's of Berlin that are just hilarious it is so crazy how freaking adorable and down right funny my little girl is. Here are some morning shots after breakfast...she likes to still use her hand a lot when she eats and notice the syrup in her hair. We've started to style it with syrup since it stays styled so long and even shampoo can't get it out.