18 December 2010

22 November 2010

My Favorite Son

This is Everett Michael Erickson! LOL I used to update everything Berlin did when she was a baby and I have been HORRIBLE about updating the blog with Everett's milestones so here is a little recap of the most beautiful baby boy!

He is 10 months and so sweet. Berlin was a sweet baby but very active and Everett is so bashful and reserved he is really quite opposite from his older sister who is 3 turning 16:)

He can say bye, hot, Hulk, Dog, Uh-oh, momma, dadda and ho, ho ,ho! He loves to play catch and is really good at it. I am actually amazed at how much different boys and girls are when they play I actually try to give Everett Berlin's baby's to love and snuggle and he doesn't want anything to do with them. So funny.

He has 4 top teeth and 5 bottom teeth. He is crazy about food but HATES textures and this little video will show you what I mean we went to Famous Dave's and I tried to get him to eat I think cheese and he wasn't having it!

He has darker hair than Berlin did and his eyes are a darker blue. He is a momma's boy but really LOVES spending time with his dad and sister and always has to have an eye on them especially if they are together.

He will be one December 28th so this is his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. We love this little guy so much and are looking forward to the many memories ahead of us.

Grandma's, Red Carpet and Pumpkins

We had an eventful October we went and visited my Utah Grandma's we went to a party that was Red Carpet themed because we wanted to and we carved pumpkins with our favorite people. It was such a fun little trip to visit the granny's the kids had a fun time with their cousin's and then we stopped at Logoon's Frightmares on the way home.

The Red Carpet event was a party put on by our friend Kellie. Kellie is another ISU Golf coach and she is more than a ball of fun we love her so much...the party was at her house and she had a DJ it was like being at a High School dance all over again except Michael actually danced and he was so funny! Love him.

We also had a great Halloween holiday Berlin got to dress up so much here is a picture from her dance class party but I will have to add more pictures when I upload them...enjoy.

25 October 2010


Michael and I went with some friends to Las Vegas Nevada! It was a blast here are some pictures and No Comments because they should explain themselves...great friends good times.

29 September 2010

Miss Me? and Turning 3!

Hello again! It has been a long while since I have posted. Though I could lie and say we had an eventful summer and why I havn't posted in 4 months and why Everett is almost 1 and hasn't had the blog posts he deserves instead I will just tell you that we didn't I just have been busy with finishing up my meteorolgy certification and enjoying this beautiful weather with my sweet little family.

Since the fourth of July I turned 28...BLAH it hurts to even type that! Everett boy has turned 10 months and my Berlin Mae turned 3! I am going to dedicate this post to her celebration.

Berlin Mae now THREE YEARS OLD!!!

My sweet baby girl has turned three and she couldn't be more proud of her age. She has started pre-school and on the ITD dance team. She loves to read, play Barbies, color and her new fascination is the movie Annie! She is such a fun child and has really started to show her comedic side. She belly laughs a lot and LOVES her little brother. I know I've talked about Berlin's obssesion with her silky blanket and her thumb but her "new" comfort is her little brother. Like her blanket once she sees him or touches him she pops that thumb right into her mouth.

We did another bounce house this birthday with a Princess Theme. Berlin was Cinderella and even her grandma Brenda got into character as the Queen:) We had a fun time with our wonderful friends and family. We also enjoyed a beautiful Cinderella cake that I made with fondant it was awesome...I had help from a cake decorator in our area but it was a blast to make and when Berlin saw the cake she lit up!

Berlin Mae you are growing up way too fast. I love everything about you and every birthday I have to ask myself if this blessed life is for real. You are my sunshine sweetheart and I love you more than my words could ever express. Happy 3rd year!

Grandma B

The cake

Barbie Rollerblades!

Her favorite gift...the PILLOW PET!!

Playin with her favorite comfort

First Day of Preschool

More Party Fun

15 July 2010

Just too cute not to post!

Berlin has some adorable play friends...

Addyson and Sienna are 2 of her fav gal pals!

Here they are enjoying summer time festivities and just being little goofs!

I absolutely can't get enough of my little girl she is my angel girl! Her and I did a sunday craft project and it turned out so cute we made some bows and then made a bow holder:) Now i just need my gal pal stace to teach me how to make the felt ones those are my favorite!

6 Months and SHOTS:(

Everett is 6 months old! I am so sad every time I post realizing how fast my baby is growing. He is now closer to toddlerhood and leaving babyville! When did this happen!
Here is a list of my monkey's milestones:
He can sit up by himself
He LOVES food. Veggies, Fruit, Rice Cereal...ANYTHING! He I think is going to be like his dad in high school...ordering Pizza Hut pizza before every football game...Really??!! A whole pizza??
He is so bashful and flirtatious he will flirt and then hurry and turn his head like "I'm cute, but I'm even MORE cute when I do this:)

He loves his sissy. We are all in a competition to see who's name he will say first he is really close to saying dadda so Big Thithsder and Ma ma or losing at the moment:)
He can wave bye bye
He loves to stick out his tongue and grab anything or toy he can reach.
He got his 6 month shots like a champ...he barely cried and then flirted with the nurse afterward here are some pics of the damage.
He still loves to nurse and again LOVE LOVE LOVES to big boy!

We love you so much Everett happy half a year!