21 May 2008


Okay so here are some pics to look at that I took recently that I wanted to share while I try to figure out my video camera and how to post the video on my blog so probably by the time I get it up and going I will have a baby that can walk:)
Anyways for some pic descriptions one is of my cake I did for a cute purse party I went to recently which was fun and super easy. Also Berlin and I have been going to the park a lot because she LOVES the swings so whenever we have time and see a park I try to stop. Also notice how in the grass she doesn't want to touch it with her foot:)Then I took a picture of her and her crazy hair that she doesn't have...poor girl won't have hair for a while both Michael and I were hairless babies until we could walk. But watch out when it comes we both have thick course and slightly curly hair!

07 May 2008

My baby is MOBILE!

Okay so later today I am going to try and get video of my baby girl crawling I seriously started to tear up last night because she is growing to fast oh and because my house will be destroyed by this girls curiosity.
But while you wait here is a picture of my moms project Larry he is a Canadian Gosling that they found in the river bottoms of their property. If they are not careful this goose will think they are his parents and will never leave...have you seen the goose that follows his owner in the ski boat...just like that:)

I'm a Sucker

Tagged... A to Z
Meradith I am ONLY doing this because you know when playing tag I can't be tagged and not run as fast as I can to tag the next person!

A to Z Tag
A- ATTACHED OR SINGLE: Attached for about 8 years married for almost 3 May 28th to be exact.
B- BEST FRIEND: Michael no one compares.
C- CAKE OR PIE:Oh Cake hands down I HATE pie crust...Gross!
D- DAY OF CHOICE: Friday I get off at 12:30pm and then it's the weekend.
E- ESSENTIAL ITEMS: earrings I seriously have a million and I love buying them for my friends and family sorry to those that keep getting them:)
H- HOMETOWN: I guess IF but I have also grown up in Utah.
I- INDULGENCE: Venti White Choc Mocha..MMMM SOOO good
J- JANUARY OR JULY: July summer is so much better than winter
K- KIDS: 4 or an even number I hated being the singleton:)
L- LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT: My family Michael and Berlin are my everything and it truly makes me hurt to think of life without them.
M- MARRIAGE DATE: May 28, 2005.
N- NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: I am the oldest and smartest of 5 (twin sisters and twin brothers)
O- ORANGES OR APPLES: hmmm right now apples
P- PHOBIAS OR FEARS: I hate tall buildings and boogers...I know so gross but I hate blowing noses of kids and snotty noses period.
Q- QUOTES: I don't have memorized quotes I live by, I think they are cheesy but one thing I want my kids to remember will be to always hold on to their childlike spirit.
R- REASON TO SMILE: A lot of memories with my friends...I love the Dwight Shrute comment that seriously made me smile:)
S- SEASON: Fall I love the warm colors but I hate what it leads to...COLD!
T- TAGGED FRIENDS: Ummm if your name starts with A,C,H,J,M,N or S:)
U- UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I wish I was Greek...I don't know why I just love their culture and their love for family plus I need an excuse for my big hair:) Oh and a weird fact I have always had a weird feeling since I first saw Michael in Jr High that he would be a part of my life in a big way in the future:) So Cheesy but true.
W- WORST HABIT: procrastination
X- XRAY, ULTRASOUND, OR MAMMOGRAM: Ultrasounds what kind of question is that!
Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican it's in my blood:)
Z- ZODIAC: Virgo along with Berlin my baby girl so could be a good thing or a very very bad thing...hahahaha.