29 January 2009


Berlin Mae how 5 days can seem like an eternity!
This last trip was 5 days of fun but also 5 days of no Berlin and that was REALLY hard for both Michael and I. Here is our Berlin for your withdrawals:)


That was the phrase I think I heard all week in California. I had such an amazing time meeting up with the cousins in sunny San Diego. For a back story Alex, Michael's cousin is getting married February 21st in San Fransisco to his gorgeous fiance Liz.
Michael and I this last weekend went to CA to join them in the celebration of their single life that will be ending very soon. The girls went to Palm Springs and the boys went to S Tahoe. I have yet to find any web pictures of the boys party so we don't REALLY know how that all went down all we know is that most of them went home with about $500-$4000 more than what they came due to the craps table.
Here are some pictures of the girls I obviously couldn't post them all since my grandma checks this blog but here is an idea of what type of fun we had. Some quick notes of the weekend both parties had about 15-20 guys and girls. The first night all the ladies wore matching tanks and the second night all wore black dresses while Liz was in white. Some highlights and random moments...
1. Meeting fun & beautiful friends of Liz's at a Beautiful Resort.
2. VIP at the club
3. Talking to some reality stars of a show I have never heard of (Sunset Tan?)
4. Falling down some stairs
5. Being sick Saturday Morn:( I'm so OLD!!!
6. Mackenzie doing the superman I won't mention McDonald's in case your trainer visits my blog.
7. Dancing my butt off
8. Getting called Liz's sister by everyone I met at the clubs
9. Abbey being sick Sunday Morn:(
10. Flirting with my new boyfriend Greyson & Becoming Geneva's new favorite family member:)


Thanks everyone for a great time I really needed a Girl vacation and I know Michael had a blast too.

DAY 95

Okay so we are getting closer and closer. We are currently meeting with the outside rock and siding guys. We will be picking out carpet and flooring on Feb the way does anyone know a carpet layer we need a little help with measurements and laying. I think within the next couple of months we will be wrapping up.
Quinten and Michael just finished the electrician work we are so excited about how it looks. Quinten has really helped us out so much with that! Anyway here are the pics of the outside and some inside pics of the lighting. Oh also does anyone have any opinions on central vacs? Let me know.

SUN Valley try SNOW Valley

About a month ago Berlin, Michael and I tagged along with Michael's sister Brit and her husband Q and their kids to Quinten's family cabin. We had a great time.
Michael especially loved the snowmobiling! I swear I have more people on his side to get a dang snowmobile...but I'm NOT budging:) I guess it's the fact that I have grown up in a family that never owned motorized recreation (except a boat) or that I am a total wimp when it comes to heights. All I know is Michael Loves it and it will probably be a never ending battle. Also Berlin had such a great time she is another on that LOVED the motorized fun she also LOVES the snow that girl ate more snow it was hilarious. She takes after her mom I think I hit up the snow cone shacks once a day when they are in season:)
Speaking of love Berlin also LOVES 3 things in this world
1: her silky
2: her papa
3: & her cousin Cole aren't these pictures adorable!


So in LOVE!

01 January 2009

Day 67

Well the framing is wrapped up and it is time to pick out colors add windows and get the cabinet guys lined out. Man the process of building a home is very complex but when you are busy it truly flies by. Here are some pics I took last week I will post more next time I am up there.

Geneva Elise

Berlin has a new BFF! Isn't this picture so beautiful. There is nothing more precious than a mother and daughter's first day together.
Man...Kenzie this picture is making me BABY HUNGRY!!! I hope I can wait...I don't want you to throw down at the wedding:)
Congrats Cousins on a beautiful baby girl! We love you!