19 August 2009

Who's Pictures???

Well I'm thinking I know who took these pictures but you be the judge:)


I had to post this picture it is so damn adorable! This is Berlin and her BFF Allison. She is Berlin's babysitters niece and is the sweetest little thing you have ever seen. They color, play with babies and have lunch together almost everyday.

I also had to post my little diva with her Juicy Couture top and Starbucks in hand...Michael and I were calling her Hollywood all day:) Love her so much!

11 August 2009

Pregnancy Update

So I gave in...I couldn't wait to know what little person was growing in my belly! Drum Roll Please....
Frogs and snails,
And puppy dog tails,
That's what little
are made of.

What did she say!!

Berlin has turned into to such a little character. I have decided to document her funny phrases an idea I got from my blog friend Stephanie. Anyway on Sunday Michael and I got a new tv and while we were putting it on the wall we could hear Berlin yelling dad, dadda, daddy dad, DAD, DADDA...then she yelled at the top of her lungs MICHAEL!!!

Michael and I looked at each other and just started laughing it was seriously sooo funny. She is such a smarty pants!


I have a coloring fool on my hands! Last night while Michael and Berlin and I were coloring our princess pictures Michael looked up at Berlin and noticed that she decided that since the princess on the picture looked beautiful with red lips she would try it on herself! I was laughing so hard. She had this big blues looking at me in confusion and HUGE bright red lips. She is such a stinker!

Erickson Family Reunion

Here are some pics of the reunion we went to this last friday at Tauphaus Park it was a blast. Berlin LOVED going on the rides all by herself. She also loved loving up her Grandpa Mel knowing he was the ticket holder:) Super cute!


Here is Berlin at gymnastics. She is doing so well. She goes Monday's and Wednesday's. She loves the bars and trampoline. Though I think her most favorite might be the stamp she gets at the end of class!

Berlin can do a forward roll all by herself.

London Olympics here we come!

Mom's 45th:)

That's right I titled this post with my mothers age:) She doesn't care though because she knows she is an old granny:)
Actually she is a very cool very hip mom and granny. Here are some pictures of her party. One of the requirements to get into her high profile party was if you have a musical talent you have to perform it. Well I USED to play the violin so that wasn't going to happen and my sis Ashley plays the guitar and sings so she was the hit of the party but Whitney and I didn't come empty handed...we made up an awesome Thriller dance and then taped ourselves and gave it to her! It was seriously hilarious...when Michael was finalizing the disc I could hear him laughing at us and though i knew it was really funny footage it was kind of bugging me how FUNNY he thought it was:)

For my moms birthday she got this heavy duty wagon thingyand instead of hauling her veggies or weeds...she uses it as a a ride wagon for Berlinny:) My step dad also got an adorable new puppyher name is Holly and Berlin loves to tell her what to do. The rest are just some fun summer pics.