27 February 2008

Strike a ROSE!

Here is Michael's B-day cake we learned how to make roses! Man was it hard but a fun little challenge.

Happy Birthday COLTON, JUSTIN oh yeah and MICHAEL!

Here's the bros on Sunday...I made Colton a popcorn cake because he loves POPCORN and Justin a guitar cake. Can you believe they are 19!!! Where did my baby brothers go...

Look who can SWIM!

Her first lesson...It is a class with music and introducing her to going under water:) The class is called Aqua Babies:) She has the cutest swimming diaper it is a reuseable one I think I paid $2 for it at Fred Meyer. Berlin had such a great time kicking and splashing...or maybe she was just really happy she was the ONLY girl in the class:)

Berlin's First Cereal

My baby is all grown up.....
Oh yeah and Berlin can now eat baby cereal:) She is growing up too fast! Her are some pics of the event...

Oh and the bath afterward...

22 February 2008


Okay so this cake was for all of you BYU fans...but my icing ended up being pink instead of UTAH Red and obviously I had to use the best past Utah player Michael's cousin 11 Alex Smith! Isn't it cute though:)

21 February 2008


Do you have a cute baby or know one whose picture should be on TV? Well we are doing a baby segment that one day a week will feature cute baby pics and we are also trying to generate some sponsors for even a contest. Send me your baby pics and we will put them on the air here at NBC channel 6 in SE Idaho! I will email you of when we will put your baby on so you can tell your families to see your Cute baby on TV!!! Email all pics to

13 February 2008

Thanks G-MA Boley

Here is some pics of Berlin with her new Pink V-Day Dog from her grandma Boley!


Okay so again last night I am at my cake decorating class & I can't help but wonder if Berlin is completely FREAKING out while my mom is watching her! She is so attached to her momma it really is a little scary:
No...I know it's a stage but I feel really bad for my mom she has been watching her every Tuesday night while I go to my class and Michael has been going to an archery club where they shoot around and compete with eachother for a couple of hours and she cries the WHOLE time!
When I got home usually it is a couple of sighs, tears and then she hugs me like she hasn't seen me for a WEEK...but last night was different...Justin my bro was there with my mom and she did a lot better!
Berlin since she was about 3 months has really taken to men. I am serious she flirts and really wants the is actually really funny so it didn't really surprise me she did so much better with a guy there.
Sooo I've been thinking & I might have a hard week because I think I might have to fire grandma and offer Berlin's new boyfriend a job:) Jussyman!
JK grandmama!

Show me Your Basket Weave!

Okay so here is the latest cake...isn't it pretty it was basket weaving that we were learning and it was quite difficult...but fun! I really like to post pics of my cakes so my granny who checks out my blog can be proud of the little baker I have become!

06 February 2008


Okay here is my clown cake...the colors are ugly and I need to learn how to make my cake layers more even:) Oh well that is why I am in the class...oh and here is a pic of Berlin in her big high chair hanging out.

05 February 2008

Bake this!

So I am taking a cake decorating class which is so fun and since I love baking I am in Heaven every Tuesday...I will post some pics of my cakes after tonights class:)

Berlin's First Swim

Jan 28th Michael and I went to Bear Lake to hang with his sister's family. We went sledding and snowmobiling and for the men they even went repelling. The repelling part is a long story but there was a hole that ended up being a cliff and two snowmobiles ended up in the hole. So scary if you have ever been to what they call The Sinks you probably know what I am talking about.
Anyways at the condo there was a heated pool so here is Berlin Mae in her swimming suit and in the water.
She looks so dazed in this pic...she is such a silly baby:)

She loves the water...her bath time is her favorite. I like how in one pic she is sucking her thumb like "no big deal."
Here is Michael our niece Kenedee and Berlin playing in the water.