16 January 2008


Also which picture for the Post Registers Baby Parade?

I only got one with her smiling in this photoshoot:) She always looks like this when we film her or take her pictures she is such a curious baby!

Okay so Michael and I are going to start building a home in Sept. of 08'! I am so excited but already trying to find the right lot has been stressful plus Pocatello is such a weird little town when it comes to real estate. The lots in this are range from $40,000 to $65,000! You would think that this area the lots would be cheaper. These prices even exceed the lot prices of Idaho Falls.

Here is a picture of the lot we are looking at it has great views of the city and will be right next to the new Golds Gym, Costco and Chile's.
If you have built recently let me know your likes and dislikes of the process I love to hear comments so even if you don't know me...make your voice be heard...I would love any advice.

08 January 2008

Okay so I guess yesterday was a day of pain! Stace got her wisdom tooth pulled:) Oh and my angel had her third round of immunization shots!!! Seriously I hate the shots I truly think that it hurts me so much more than it hurts Berlin. She was such a sweetheart yesterday giggling and playing with the doctor....then BAM 2 nurses attack and stretch out her body and give the shots all at one time!!! It truly makes me want to throw down! The first round I started crying because it was so sad.
Well I am glad it is over and not until March do we have the fourth round...few!

02 January 2008

Berlinnnnny innny fi fy fo finny!

I had to post these pictures because Berlin is getting so strong.
She looks like such a big girl... Oh yeah and she is such a drooler!

She is sick right now for the first time and it is horrible. She is such a trooper but she hates the pink medicine and has to take it for 10 days she has an ear infection:( Any advice for getting rid of the nasty congestion?

What an Itinerary!

Okay so here I go with my very first post and boy do I have a lot to say! I am finally back to reality after an amazing Christmas vacation. What a great week filled with family, love and giving. Oh yeah and getting:) My family is so generous Michael and I and now Berlin made such a haul after Christmas but deep down I absolutely love it!

I always love when Michael opens his gifts and now watching Berlin it was so amazing. This little one was so funny on Christmas day she got so excited and KNEW that the toys and presents were hers and she wanted to put everything in her mouth.

It was so fun this year going to Toys R Us and feeling like a kid again. To all my
friends who are expecting and starting your
families soon you will want to spoil your child!
You have to limit yourself in that store because
if not you
will own
one of everything!

Isn't this pic so cute...Michael is such a great dad it was so fun watching him play with all of her toys.

Over Christmas break Michael and I spent a majority of our time with the Erickson side because Michael's sister Amy and her fam was in town from Denver.

Here is a bit of what our Christmas itinerary was: Dec 21 Family pictures ( I will post soon) Dec 22 Go get a Christmas tree. While getting a tree Kelly's road wasn't open so instead we found a field and went snowmobiling, then went home and made craft ornaments...sooo cute! Our Christmas tree was so cute it looked like the trees used to with wooden beads painted snowflakes pictures of all the kids. Here is the pics of all of us working hard on the painting and gluing.

After this we all went to The Mountain River Ranch Sleigh Ride which was amazing! My mom and Dave went with us it was so fun and GREAT food. The horses and the was straight out of a movie, the experience was so perfect especially with the whole family.

Dec 23 Erickson Party in Shelly. It's Michael's dad's parents and their kids. All of them are very nice and can make really good food. Christmas Eve I had to do the rest of my shopping! Out of all the days I wait until the last and it snowed about 2 feet so it was a chaotic day but it was all better because Santa came to the famous Christmas Eve party and we all had a blast. My family comes to Michael's house and we all get to eat together. Finally Christmas Day came and it was amazing. Berlin loved everything, I swear for only being 4 months old she is so aware of her surroundings children are such a gift. I will post some video footage of her with Santa at my work and then one with Michael and her at his parents house. As for all the pictures it may be a little confusing but since I am new to blogging I will try to be better in future posts:)

Oh and the last pic is Whit and I at the Blumhorst famous Christmas party last Friday. Always a blast! Last year a lady fell into the Christmas tree it was sooo funny way too many pumpkin shots!

Now I want to thank my family and friends for such a great Christmas and all their generosity! We love you all so much!