29 August 2008

I'm gonna SUCK your BLOOD!

Look at my little vampire. She is just barely getting her first front tooth this week. She also is the messiest eater right now she will only eat if she feeds herself! So we take baths probably 3 times a day!

28 August 2008

OH YeaH!

Okay so about 3 weeks ago I went on a little weekend trip to visit my cousins who were in Utah for the weekend. We all brought our kids who met for the first time and had such a blast sharing mom stories and watching them play. It was so weird to watch this very strange reality...only because about a "few" :) years ago my cousins and I used to play together and we'd pretend about this exact same situation where we were grown ups and we had boyfriends and kids:)

We also played really funny things like Princess Academy where the leader Arika would teach Heather and I how to become "proper princess's." We would have trampoline class (because you know if you are a princess you need to know how to do a perfect straddle and back handspring:) I won't get into other games we played but reminiscing about these times was so much fun.

One picture I stole from my cousin Alexis's blog of the weekend is my Grandma Sandi or as Mera and the rest of my girlfriends know her "Grandma Boley" (my dad's mom) with all the great grand kids and as you can see Berlin LOVED doing this. :)And no that isn't Heather with a binki in her mouth:)

18 August 2008

My Berlinny Mae

Berlin had a very active weekend spent the day with Grandparents on Saturday going to the zoo and eating Popsicles. Which truly wiped her out! I had to show sleeping pics because it will truly put a smile on your face.
This is Berlin in the car on the way to IF. She is crazy about Michael's hats and the only baseball cap she owns is like this camo cap...hahaha...she won't take it off once that sucker is on.
We went to IF yesterday to go to a Chuckers game for Michael's brother birthday here JD is running around the field he turned 35!!!

Also we wanted to add a picture to our blog to remember some great memories of a friend that left us too early. We are so saddened by the news and wanted to send our condolences to our family who needs some extra love and support during this incredibly hard time.
We love you guys so much and loved David like a family member he was an amazing guy and friend. He will be missed greatly.

06 August 2008

WE own DIRT and MAN we are busy @ Work!

Okay so I have been horrible at keeping the blog updated. Anyway here are a bunch of posts below from a few weeks ago. Also I wanted to Congratulate my best friend Meradith and her family on the beautiful little girl she had and name Lucy she is adorable!
Also the reason for the slow update we have bought our land and will be starting to build our new house the first of September. Also we have been so busy at work including are some pics of her helping dad at the pro shop and then pics of the land we now own:)

Erickson's ROCK!

Our annual family reunion was at Tauphus park and one of the traditions is the kids get to go on rides and the way they get tickets is by asking their sweet Grandpa Mel who sits on a bench with his role of tickets and the kids have such a blast. I went on the Octupus with my niece and then we went on all the baby rides with Berlin and she LOVED it.

Good Ole Rigby Lake

Amy, Michael's sister and family was in town last week and we all went to spend some time in the sun at Rigby lake here are some pics of baby Berlin LOVING the mud and some pics of the kids at the grandparents.

The Roof The Roof The Roof is on FIRE!!

So have you ever attempted to light 44 candles this is my mom and I doing this at my house a couple weeks ago and my kitchen almost went up in flames! hahaha JK mom:) Well I made her the best chocolate cake you have ever dreamed of. If you want the recipe go to the most clicked on Chocolate cake on The Today Show website.

Debbie Bo BEBBie fee fi fo FIFTY!!!

One of my aunts:)turned 50!!! I like to think that I have lots of family members though they aren't blood related I feel they are my extended fam!
Here is the cake I made for Debster doesn't she look great. We love you and hope you had a great day. Kalli great job on that SURPRISE!