02 November 2009

Berlin is 2!!

We got Berlin's 2 year pictures taken here are just a few that I thought were so adorable. Nema Blanchard has been our photographer for almost 3 years...if you are in Southeast Idaho she so talented and includes all of her proofs with your purchase...she is the best! Also there are 13 NEW posts on this blog that's right if you want to start at the beginning go to the post Labor Camp:)


Here is my Little Chicken! Isn't she adorable. We went to a trunk er treat at ISU with little Addy on Thursday and then on Halloween Day we went to Blackfoot and I.F. for the Real Deal. All the cousins were together and really made off good with a huge supply. Janet found this adorable costume at Macey's, I actually had to cut the feet off of the tights because Berlin is just TOO tall:) Berlin LOVED her costume...that's because she LOVES my moms real Chickens:)


Last week we had a little carving session with our friends Kenny and Sara. It was such a great time we had soup for dinner and then got carving. Michael had a hard time following the pattern but I really think my monster was the best:) It was really fun watching the girls gut the pumpkins and Berlin took a couple of pictures with my camera. Very fun.


Every year my company gets Lagoon tix so this year we ACTUALLY used them and went during their Frightmare month which was actually a blast. Berlin had such a good time. It was so fun watching her ride the rides...I was a little bummed I couldn't participate on the fun rides but it was all worth watching Berlinny's face.

Some Video too...


Since Michael is now the assistant Golf Coach and he gets to go to tournaments in nice and warm locations, Berlin and I took advantage and went with the team to San Diego.

We love that city so much Michael and I have so many great memories living there and some of our favorite people live there, Michael's cousins. Here are just a few pics of the cousins loving on each other. We also went to the Little Italy Festival which was awesome and then I discovered a new fav thing and that's YOGURTLAND it's almost like Disneyland but sweeter:)

Thanks for your Support COACH:)

My very accomplished husband has landed a second job as the Womens Assistant Golf Coach at ISU. He has been to three tournaments so far one in Spokane WA, San Diego, CA and now he is in San Louis Obispo. Go ISU!

Week 27

Growing and growing and growing...and NO I'm NOT having TWINS:)

C.R.A.M.B.S not to be confused with CRAMPS!

When I moved to Idaho Falls I was 11 years old. We lived in a neighborhood right by Edgemont Elementary School where I attended for the last 2 weeks of fifth grade. I met a few new friends then but I didn't have a chance to really get to know anyone until the follwing year in Mrs. Mortons 6th class. The class consisted of about 20 kids but the two most memorable were Remington and Meradith. In Junior High while trying to be a matchmaker I met Courtney Burton and then Amber and Stacy followed who I didn't know well but would soon become best friends with in our first years of high school...and that makes up our GROUP C.R.A.M.B.S!

The 6 of us have been through just about everything together... from Bad make-up to BAD hair, overalls, bad boyfriends, bad EXgirlfriends, broken hearts, the best laughs, the best PRANKS and now the best husbands, the best kids and new beginnings. We love eachother so much and we needed a little more girl time last month so we went to Park City to live it up for two days. It was such a blast, we laughed SO hard and was reminded of so many memories that a lot of us had forgotten.


Michael's sister Amy and her family came to Idaho Falls at the end of September and we all took a family field trip to Mesa Falls. It was so beautiful. I hadn't been there in years and sometimes it is so nice to be able to go only an hour away to the gorgeous outdoors.


So like I said before Berlin had two days filled with presents and a few of her favorite things. One thing is her LOVE for Tinkerbell. She really looked like a little pixie with her hair all pulled up and her tights on. Michael and I rented a bounce house and then had a few craft projects to keep the kids entertained. Berlin absolutely loved the bounce house because she LOVES the trampoline at gymnastics. The kids all had a great time and the parents really just got to talk and enjoy drinks and cake because that bounce house was a nice little babysitter.

NO MORE DIAPERS...until the end of December anyway.

Berlinny Mae I want you to know that dad and I love you more than words could ever express you are our angel girl and you make us so happy and feel so blessed.
Her are Berlin's Milestones
She can count to 13 in both English and Spanish
She can say the alphabet with a little help
She is potty trained
She knows all body parts and animals
She will tell you she doesn't member if she can't answer your question
She loves her dogs and all animals
She is very strong and VERY independent...NEVER flush the toilet, she will do it.
She is our little sweet heart and she is going to be the BEST big sister.

It's my BURFDAY!

Well in the last 3 months of NO posting my little angel girl turned TWO! We had to move her party to the 19th of September though her Birthday is September 10th due to a grandma (Brenda) that had to go to Vegas or something:) Anyway on her ACTUAL birthday we decided to pamper her since her life is SOOO hard filled with playing baby's and coloring. We have this adorable baby boutique about a block from our house that does kiddie pedicures and manicures. On her birthday we took Berlin and her little friend Allison. They had a blast. Berlin of course picked out pink and wanted flowers and stickers on every digit. Another thing Berlin loves is SUSHI she is definitely her mom's daughter and then we did a mini cake with two candles of course. Berlin's favorite part of the day was the digital kid camera she got because she LOVES


You have to go bananas on Banana Split Day! Here is Berlin and Addyson Phanansteil her bff enjoying their dessert on one of the best days of the year.

What I love most about this day is it reminds me of my dad. He would make banana splits all the time growing up...Berlin and him definitily have that in common.

Labor Camp?

So we had a sod party a few months ago, well in the summer...I know we are almost in full blown WINTER but this little boy makes me so tired and forgetful I have been horrible with blogging and blog stalking:) Anyway Michael and I sent out emails and texts trying to get people who love us to slave away for a couple of hours. We paid with drinks and pizza but it was a hot and hard day while the pregnant lady ran around the house "looking" busy:) Anyway what was really cool about the whole thing is Michael's best bud Luke came ALL the way from Vegas to help and the best part was he totally surprised Michael, it was the best!