15 July 2010

Just too cute not to post!

Berlin has some adorable play friends...

Addyson and Sienna are 2 of her fav gal pals!

Here they are enjoying summer time festivities and just being little goofs!

I absolutely can't get enough of my little girl she is my angel girl! Her and I did a sunday craft project and it turned out so cute we made some bows and then made a bow holder:) Now i just need my gal pal stace to teach me how to make the felt ones those are my favorite!

6 Months and SHOTS:(

Everett is 6 months old! I am so sad every time I post realizing how fast my baby is growing. He is now closer to toddlerhood and leaving babyville! When did this happen!
Here is a list of my monkey's milestones:
He can sit up by himself
He LOVES food. Veggies, Fruit, Rice Cereal...ANYTHING! He I think is going to be like his dad in high school...ordering Pizza Hut pizza before every football game...Really??!! A whole pizza??
He is so bashful and flirtatious he will flirt and then hurry and turn his head like "I'm cute, but I'm even MORE cute when I do this:)

He loves his sissy. We are all in a competition to see who's name he will say first he is really close to saying dadda so Big Thithsder and Ma ma or losing at the moment:)
He can wave bye bye
He loves to stick out his tongue and grab anything or toy he can reach.
He got his 6 month shots like a champ...he barely cried and then flirted with the nurse afterward here are some pics of the damage.
He still loves to nurse and again LOVE LOVE LOVES to big boy!

We love you so much Everett happy half a year!

Who'sYour Daddy??

So since I am once again behind we have some dad's day stuff to post on here...Michael is probably going to kill me later today (he's my blog stalker) for posting this picture. It's so funny!

Anyway for Father's day I had my sister come over from Twin and give Michael an hour and a half massage. She brought her table and turned our theater room into a tranquil, babbling brook, oily relaxing.

Michael and my own dad are so similar...their laugh, humor and compassion for people are a few of my favorite qualities. They both LOVE their children with all they have and they love their daughter's so much.

I love you both more than words could ever express and I miss you dad all the days of my life.


This is the C.O.T (circle of trust) you know back in elementary school when you would have groups of friends and make up secret languages that no one could understand (mera and I would tap on each others feet if someone was bugging us or scratch our neck if we were saying something that wasn't true...I know so childish:)
Well anyway this is my adult version of that is a group of my coworkers a select group that cooks, eats and competes once a month. Always a great time with these guys.

Here are some pics from May and June...this months is in a week, more pics to follow:)