20 March 2009


Lastly I just wanted to post a little info on Berlin Mae...
Berlin turned 18 months on the 10th of March! That's right Berlin is almost TWO!!!
Seriously Michael and I can't even begin to tell you how crazy we are about this little girl. She truly is the love of our lives and we wake up every morning excited to provide for her and just sit on the floor and play. She is such a little smarty pants. She is talking a lot more she jokes around she still LOVES her babies she calls ALL Children babies...which is my fault I always address her Hey Baby:) anyway she is a smart cookie who loves to bust a move. She is so sweet and I don't even remember life with out her. Berlin Mae...Mom and Dad love you so much.

For ME...

This post is for me...On Monday I started Co-Anchoring the morning show and on my first day my darn alarm didn't go off!!!! Seriously so typical for that to happen...anyway I got the weather put together but I wasn't able to read all my scripts for the news...It went really well, I am honored with the opportunity to add this to my resume.

DAY 145

Okay so we now actually have some exterior rock on the house and the inside is now being painted so we are getting so close...but here are some pics of the house with the siding and then the new BEAMS my brother in law and Michael put in. With the rock the house will look very different because the rock is really dark but I LOVE how dramatic it is. Also you can't really see our front door but it is so beautiful...we did it sort of antiqued and that is the same type of look we might stain the beams. I will get better more exciting pics of the house in about 2 weeks when the exterior is finished and the inside doesn't smell like lacquer.

Watch Out STACY!!!

Okay first things first...I want all that reads this post to start clapping your hands for Berlin and her new LONG hair:) I can officially put it into a pony tail that doesn't stick straight up:)I'm so excited about the new length because it is really fun for me since I LOVE doing hair. When I was a kid my little sisters always had french braids and curled bangs because they just couldn't look like they just woke up:) What is REALLY funny about this all is Berlin also LOVES doing hair I don't know if Michael or her Great Grandma Smith really quite LOVE this new passion of Berlin's but they are troopers:)


LIZ+ALEX actually equals STUNNING Couple that are the cutest love birds I have ever seen.
February 20th Michael and I went to San Fran to celebrate the marriage of Michael's cousin Alex and his wife Liz. Oh yeah and Sweet Aunt Pam's Birthday:) The weekend away was filled with great parties, a beautiful and loving ceremony and AMAZINGLY Decorated Reception. One of the really cute ideas that the couple did was had a photo booth that you could take as many photos as you wanted. the only detail the couple left out is that they would have a COPY of all the photos that were taken...Oops!!!
I will post a slide show when I can get all of my families pictures put together as well as are just a few to tie you over.

Oh and for a little history the Palace hotel where everything was held is a historic Hotel and building in San Fran's historic financial district and the room they had the reception in actually used to be where the horse and buggy would drop off the guests.
It has a real Old Hollywood type style that was just beautiful.

Happy V-DAY!

I know I know this is SOOO overdue. I took some pictures of Berlin in her Valentine's outfit on Love Day seriously how cute is that sweater and the pants have little hearts as the back pockets:)(thanks Grandma Janet). Valentines is one of my most favorite's funny because everybody claims we shouldn't have to have a day to show someone we love each other it should just be a given to do romantic things and give chocolates everyday but I think that is such CRAP! I Enjoy my Anniversary and Birthday because I remember really special moments and cards on those marked days. That is the exact same feeling I have for V-day that make it even more and more special each year.
This year Michael had Berlin make me the most adorable card it had a picture of us together in it and then to see Michael's handwriting while she told him what to write:) PRICELESS:)
Michael and I had a great date night we went to a fancy restaurant called Senang and then we went to He's Just Not That Into was cute but a little too long I like movies like that to be just a little shorter.
Anyway here are the pics of little Berlinny Mae.