21 July 2013

IIII'mmmm B-A-C-K!!!

Wow I have been gone WAY too long...since the last blog post my son has had TWO birthdays, Michael and I both turned 30 and my daughter turned FIVE and will almost be 6!! I have so much to say and not much time... So one of my New Year's resolutions was to update my blog well that didn't happen so now it's just time to get organized so my kids can have fun memories like I have on VHS tapes! I'm also doing a video journal of the kiddos so you all can see them weekly give you updates on their life from them I will be interviewing them! WHY in the world would I want them on video you ask?? Well let me tell kids are NAUGHTY Rotten and I want to document everything they do so Michael and I have a beautiful place to live when I lose my memory and Michael reads a beautiful story to me everyday about how we met (but I of course don't know it's me in the story;) I know, sounds like a movie plot BUT it isn't. ANYWAY get excited over the next couple of posts you are going to be seeing A LOT of Everett Michael. Oh man he is such a blog deprived kid and he deserves a lot more recognition than he has received. Let the BLOG POST overload begin
Berlin's FIRST HaIr-Cut!! 2011

Summer time fun Biking and Swim Lessons 2011 (Berlin hasn't had training wheels since)
My kids are Creative, Independent (paints her own nails) and Cupcake connoisseurs!!
 Pocatello Zoo with aunt Whitney
The more pics I post the more sad I get on how fast my cuties have grown!
Berlin Mae's FIRST Preschool graduation (after this yr since she is a September baby and missed the kindergarten deadline in Idaho she will have graduated 3 times!)
Here is a cute pic of Everett swimming at a hotel in Pocatello, it was great I won one night suite pkg at a benefit auction...we swam ate pizza and watched movies
Here is our 97' Range Rover. This car brought home both children from the hospital. I loved this car.
Berlin's first Lemonade Stand (her first customer was grandpa Mel Erickson)
Oh I thought I would add a terrible 2 tantrum:)
We love to go boating, here we are with Andrew, his wife Ellie and some of our good friends
Everett fell a sleep, I had to prop him up:)
Fourth of July with babysitter and some friends 2011 
Laying out and swimming on the deck! My favorite part of Summer 2011
My the best view!
The only reason the Erickson's go to the fair is for face paint!!
Representing Mississippi State University...I now have my geoscience degree AND my broadcast meteorology certificate:) Went to Mississippi State the spring of 2011 it was awesome!
Our very first camping trip with the Newbry's Summer 2011
Berlin's 4th Birthday! She decided to have an Alice in Wonderland Party Berlin is so funny she finds a way everyday to make someone laugh or smile.
Every couple of months my amazing mom-in-law will hold a themed family party! Here are some pics of our end of summer Beach Party 2011:) I know WOW I'm behind
NOW to END this post a montage of random pics of 2012 to get me caught up (Hawaii, Michael turning 30 in Jackpot, Berlin turning 5 Everett turning 3 and some family pics including my new niece Emery)!! Enjoy.