15 June 2011

Pizza, friends, hair and DANCE!

In February we went to Bearlake to go snowmobiling and spent the weekend in my sister-in-law Britney's timeshare. It was so fun to hang out with family and just relax, swim and play games. We went to celebrate Michael's 29th birthday. Also Berlin LOVES to put her hands in her pockets and when you trip the chin is the first to catch your fall. poor thing.

In March we enjoyed having our friends come over to make home made pizzas. It was fun to have the kids help cook. The two adorable cuties in these pictures belong to a beautiful friend of mine that i originally facebook stalked...YUP I did admit that!! I sometimes see cute women in Pocatello that I think i would have stuff in common with and ask to be there friend and then eventually invite them to my house and I wine and dine them:) I met miss Kelli at Berlin's dance studio about a year and a half ago she was Berlin's first preschool dance teacher and she was so great with the kids and just a sweetheart I knew we were destined to be friends. Anyway here are the kids and their masterpieces.
Also in March, Janet the kids and I went to Mandy's to celebrate her birthday in Boise. The kids had a great time and Berlin LOVED helping auntie Mandy open her gifts. We also got to spend some time with some of Mandy's best friends and their kids and it was so cute how well they all got along.

And Lastly since Everett has turned 1 he has grown into a little man and Berlin Mae's best friend.
They cuddle on the couch together, paint together and Berlin teaches him the ways of life. I can't get enough of these two.

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