27 February 2009

Just DANCE!!!

Happy Birthday to my BOYS!
Justin and Colton my bros
and my better half Michael Robert Erickson
Babe I love you so much. There is no one in this world that knows me better, that can make me laugh harder and who understands "our song" like you. I love you with all my heart and thank God everyday for helping you choose me.
Have a very Happy Birthday and let's win some money in Nevada tonight!

Also for a smile check out this little clip I put on my show this morning it's pretty darn cute! Here is the link and then click on the "featured video"

12 February 2009

Michael Michael

Okay so seriously this is the cutest thing ever!!!
So last week Michael and I made a point to try and go to the park as much as we could weather permitting. Berlin LOVES being outside and since she has mastered the slide and thinks the swings are hilarious it was a great time. On one of our outings we ran into a friend that Michael played sports against and that I knew from school Travis Archibald. Travis and his wife Jenni have a daughter close to Berlin's age. While catching up with them Jenni asked if I worked in the mornings and after saying that I did she said well that's too bad Travis takes our daughter to a playgroup and Berlin would really like it.
Right after the comment a big light bulb went off and Travis was like "Michael you should come...I'm the only guy and it would be nice to have someone to talk too." Michael was like yeah okay.
So the guys have also been getting together to play basketball and while at their game last night Travis yelled to Michael hey you still up for Story Time at the Library tomorrow morning and Michael smiled and said sure dude see you there!!! hahahaha!
How stinking CUTE is that.
Dad's and their toddlers seriously NOTHING better!

06 February 2009


If you have seen Madagascar 2 you will ToTally understand my post title! So stinken cute!
So apparently my daughter now LOVES movies she seriously wants to watch Nemo or Tinkerbell EVERYDAY! She is so funny she loves to sing along and really is the child that can't take her eyes away once she gets into her Disney Trance which she gets from my mother!!! Anyway Michael and I were bored last Friday afternoon so we decided to take her to her first movie...she did such a great job and MAN can that girl eat popcorn it was hilarious she was such a big girl!
And yet she is still my baby...when there is a little too much stimulation this is what you get on the way home:)Notice the licorice on her face...she is my sugar baby.


Seriously I'm really not a competitive person...I never fight for the team I love, I don't get emotional when it comes to winning or losing, I have never gotten a t foul in sports or have been vocal at sporting events........................................

Okay so that last paragraph is all very VERY untrue and those of you who really know me when it comes to my competitive nature had called me out to there computer screen at the first 10 words:)
So now on to the super bowl...hmm well lets just say that this is like th 5th sports bet I've made between co workers my husband and friends that I have won in a row and though a polite person would keep this all to themselves...I want to shout to the world If you want to give me a Starbucks GC or a Diet Coke with some Laffy Taffy how about a hour back rub;) Then let's bet on it:) Not competitive HA!!!
"If your not first your last." -Ricky Bobby