29 April 2008

Who's been Sleeping in my BED?

Okay all, So Goldie Locks has made the transfer and seriously I am a little bugged by how easy she did it:( I have been "letting" Berlin sleep in our bed ever since she was born. I have been doing this especially because of my job and how early I work so feeding her would be fast and easy. Since Berlin is now old enough to sleep through the night and has been for a while...we decided to take the plunge! Last Night!!!
Okay so I actually LOVE sleeping with her and really could have her sleep in there forever...hahaha but really I could. So it was a very hard move but she did it...she woke up twice for about 2 minutes and then went back to sleep.
Also I attached a picture of Berlin to this post that is from when she was like 2 months old...where has my baby gone:) Damn they seriously grow too fast!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hated when we moved Carter into his own room. It seems like their so far away.
I enjoyed reading all of your comments on ways to make your babies feel better. Carter hasn't been sick yet. Cross my fingers. So they were great for the future.
Love B in her sunglass!