07 April 2008


Okay so this is what it would look like if you were to freeze time in 1989 and only I was to age:)

If you are not understanding let me give you a little history lesson about my life...In 1989 I was 6 years old and I had twin sisters who had not yet turned 2 and then my mom and dad brought home twin baby brothers who had spent some time in the hospital and were a couple months old.
Jump forward to mom has just recently befriended a family with the almost exact scenario minus the 6 yr old daughter. A woman she had read about in the news paper having two sets of twin’s 2 yr old girls and NOW twin baby boys:)
Last week we went over to their home to visit and I had this very weird comfortableness in this wild world of twins:)

My mom asked "sooo what do you think about this? Do you think you could imagine having this life?" I thought maybe for 1 second and said "mom this is my life and crazy enough I feel a little too comfortable in this situation"


Haylie said...

Haha...what a great picture...I bet it took you back quite quickly. How crazy of a life would that be...and how fun...maybe two sets of twins are soon in your future.

Challis said...

It seems like twins are becoming more and more common these days. It's funny, your twin sister's were one of my brother's age, and you twin brother's were my other brother's age...and so in a way I feel really familiar with your family set up too!

Skylette said...

I knew you had younger sisters that were twins, but I didn't know about your brothers! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks natural. I couldn't imagine but I guess its something you would get use to.

m@R(! said...

wow..i dont' know how your mom did it. I bet your brothers and sisters are so big now. i haven't seen then for a long long time.

NBaum said...

How funny! I'm amazed at how well your parents did with all of you. I remember the boys when they were just a few pounds each in the hospital. I can't imagine how hard it was, but you all turned out so great! It was well worth the work! Remember that one Thanksgiving with all the cousins at your home in St. George.. Funny times!