01 April 2008

It's a BIG Sky Mini Vaca!

Okay so if our 10 days to San Diego wasn't enough we had to go on another vacation. Peer pressure is something I tend to fall into when it comes to the Smith family:) Something about them and the begging and complaining of how the beautiful Montana condo just won't be fun unless the Erickson's are there....SOOO we decided to make the trip and give the cousins a Spring Break they would never forget! HAHAHA! No but really we tagged along (in the middle of the week...thanks Matt D!) and went snowboarding and had the best time! The only thing is I was so out of shape that the Mountain kicked my butt and also solidified my decision to be a skier once again:)
As for the youtube clip of "CHarlie bit my Finger" a bit of a inside joke so that is my little shout out to Mac and Abs:)


sandiego said...

Ohh we are so happy that you all came up! We had so much fun! Thanks Matt D! I could watch that video all day long! So funny! Charlie...that really hurt!

Mackenzie Smith said...

i am going to start to have Erickson withdraws here soon...i am so glad we got to spend so much time together the last month it worked out great!! Matt D is the BEST!! Charlie still makes me laugh out loud all the time!!

NBaum said...

Don't blink too long because Berlin is going to grow up so fast... I can't believe I'm now with my daughter who is having her own... Family is awesome!!