04 December 2008

Busy Busy

Apparently in Montana caged Turkey's at gas stations is the "New Trend"Hopefully everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I'm very sad to report that my football team lost but that is because it was cold and Mandy wasn't on my team to tell us where to go. Also my brother was a powerhouse for some reason and my sis is scrappy...and I guess because Michael used to play QB so whatever we all know that was an upset:)
Besides that disappointment, Turkey day was really fun and filled with good food fun people and delicious pies and cupcakes.Speaking of Cake here is a cute train cake I made for one of our reporters who just left us to go to CA. It was so tasty and cute.

Also this picture sums up our day. Berlin loved seeing her aunts and uncles and can't wait for Disneyland to hang with all of them again NEXT WEEK!!!Also here is a picture of an old man and his cute family that we went to dinner with recently to celebrate his birthday. He couldn't even talk though because he had lost his voice while celebrating...if you don't know who they are it's Michael's sister her husband Quinten and their adorable kids Kenedee, Carson,& Cole.
Lastly here is a picture of Michael and I at my "Winter Festival" company was really nice great prime rib and fun games. The best part of the night had to have been me winning $25 to Del Monte Meats haha ha out of all the prizes like $200 to Farr's Jewelry and gift certificates to Black Swan Inn I'm going to get some BEEF:) Funny!"

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The Collette Fam said...

Love the cake! You are talented girl. And so nice to make that for one of your co-workers.