05 December 2008

Oh no you didn't!!!

Okay so we have been singing, telling stories and even teaching her the famous line "HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS!" And this is the end result:)
We went to the Festival of Trees today that the Portneuf Medical Center puts on and it was just beautiful. The trees every year are always so pretty and this year to see Berlin oh and awe was so cute. Here she is looking a bit confused at the tree that is having a conversation with her (the talking tree:) and then another is the train that she was amazed with.


Court and Brade said...

the pic of her with santa is classic, love it!!!! AND the pics in the bath tub are adorable. She looks SO much like michael I think... ANd you too!! I can't decide who she looks like more.. She is the perfect mix of both of you beautiful peeps!!!

What are your plans for christmas? When will you be in IF?

NBaum said...

I love Christmas pictures, especially with Santa. You are all so cute!!! Love the sad face of Berlin with Santa. I think we have a few of those when all of you were young.

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

She has a pretty darn cute sad face! You guys have had a busy month. It looks like a lof of fun though.

The Collette Fam said...

Love the title, it had me rolling on the floor.."oh no you didn't!"..that is too dang funny! Don't worry, she'll probably like him next year. It took Ava a year or so to warm up...and when he gave her candy, it helped.

Leah said...

How fun! I think all parents probably have a picture of their kids with Santa like that! This year the girls are finally excited and want to talk to him! So Fun!

stacy h. said...

i am rolling at the santa picture. i thought for srue q would do the same thing. probably next year. those satna's can be pretty scary. i am always amazed at how big she is bran. it goes too fast.