19 November 2008

Some I Missed!

Here are some better pics of Halloween. We try to always go to Michael's Grandparents house who live down the street so all the little kids can refuel with some hot soup and a little costume fashion show. If you are wondering...that's right I am a French Maid...yeah a little embarrassing at the grandparents house but I had black leggings:) As for Michael he is half dressed in his costume he was a 70's detective with an awesome greasy wig and a killer mustache. but there you can just see his shirt:) Halloween is a little different now with kids now I can actually post the pictures of ourselves dressed up online:)


Alexis said...

I can't believe how huge Berlin is getting! These little ones grow up so freakin' fast!!! I can't wait till they get to meet again - they'll actually be able to interact!

Anonymous said...

I love the costumes!!! Nice to see Berlin has recovered from when Michael pushed her. She's as cute as ever. Her cousin has just updated his blog too so check it out. We miss you guys. PS. The cakes are looking better and better Brandi. and so excited about the house.

Patty, Josh, and Greyson.

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

No way do you have Madonna on your blog...I am dying of laughter right now. I just put this song on my ipod, I thought I was the only true lover left!!