14 June 2010


Being a mother is such a pleasure and most of the time I post all the many joys that come from being Berlin and Everett's I am going to reminisce about a day from mommy hell so one day when my kids resent me they can refer to this post and say wow our mom was so amazingly good to us!
It was an evening a couple of weeks ago, Michael had to work late and I had just finished making a nice and nutritious meal for Berlin and I. Everett was in his bouncer enjoying some toys. I pull out my chair to sit down and enjoy my dinner with my sweet baby girl. Right after the first bite Everett decides he HATES the bouncer so I go pick him up and again sit down to eat my meal. As I am asking Berlin how her day was and enjoying our sweet conversation Everett soils his diaper. At that moment I thought ya know Ev can just sit in his dirty diaper while I finish my meal I am too hungry to change him right this minute...right after that thought a warm gooey sensation trickles down my leg. From that point on I go change Everett's diaper after I was finished I go to get Berlin and food is all over my cabinets and floor. I then throw them both in the tub since they are now BOTH FILTHY. I get Everett washed up and out of the tub and within that 2 minutes and Everett's room is RIGHT next to the bathroom Berlin gets a couple of inches of water on my bathroom floor. I put her in time out in her room get Everett in his PJ's go to get Berlin out of time out and SHE is NOT in her room. I yell out for her and she comes out of my room in a very nonchalant manner in full make up says "Yeah Mom?"...gotta love mommy hell days! I also documented the poop pants so Everett can pay me back in the future.

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Crazy Campbells said...

I love stories like that because it helps me realive that those are normal mom stories. It also helps me realize how much my mom did for me. Kids are amazing!