27 May 2010

5 MoNtHS!!

My son is 5 months...
I still have a hard time accepting that he is not a newborn anymore. He is this energetic little boy that laughs at all my jokes and turns his head into my shoulder when his grandma flirts with him.
He really tugs on my heart strings anytime I see him. He is such a sweet little boy and I never knew how much love I could give until meeting him.

Everett Michael is a big talker he LOVES to coo and to laugh. He really loves to be scared...his sister practices her scaring tactics on him often so she is the number one comedian in his life.
He can roll over on one side
He can hold himself up on his tummy
He LOVES his dadda...he has to know where he is at ALL times. Even when nursing I have to tell Michael not to talk just so he will finish eating.
He is an excellent sleeper he still sleeps in my bed. We both LOVE it! He loves it because it is huge and he thinks it is all his I love it because when he wakes up in the night I am right there to cuddle him.
He is in 6-9 month clothing and his feet are huge.
He is very long and about 16-17 lbs
He drools a lot. He loves his green binkie but he really I think wants his fingers.
He is growing up too fast and I can't describe how sweet a boy he is.

Oh and since Berlin has seemed to be pushed to the side the last 5 months so here is a little update on her...
She is going to be 3 in September and she is a riot! She loves to play house, color, play play doh and jump on her trampoline. She can count to 14 in english and 11 in Spanish. She knows what city and state she lives in, her birthday and who the president and vice president are and she also knows where they live. Her favorite color is blue. She loves her dogs. She also just made a itty bitty dance team that has 4 competitions a year so I will be posting videos soon. She is such a sweet big sister and daughter. Yesterday she looked at me and said..."HEEELLLOOOO GORGEOUS!" I said what is that from and with attitude she said Alvin and the!


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

What a fun post! Congratulatiosn on 5 years and Everette looks so big already. cute family!

Meradith said...

I can't believe he is already 5 months B!! He is BEAUTIFUL his little face is so so cute. Wow I need to see your babies again!