28 May 2010


The story of us...
It was 1998, I was a new sophomore at Idaho Falls High School and I had no idea WHERE my first class was...I was in a group with some of my friends trying to figure out where to go when this tall dark and handsome guy made his way up the stairs. He had a big blue Burton backpack on and his class list in hand (we still have the backpack)
Michael at that point in my life was MY NEW CRUSH!
Well things with Michael didn't go as planned that year...I never had the courage to tell anyone about the crush and we both dated other people. My junior year we dated a bit but it wasn't until my Senior year right before graduation Michael showed up at my house on a Friday night with our friends Andrew and Hugh. After that night we haven't skipped a day without hearing eachothers voice. It was also the beginning of a journey that has led us to 9 years together and today marking our 5 year wedding anniversary.
Throughout our time together Michael and I have been through a lot.
We went to school in different cities for almost a year.
We moved to San Diego. We lost my dad. We got burglarized. He graduated from SDGA. We moved to Boise for a job. We turned 21. We partied a lot. We always had roommates. We bought our first house. We got married. Went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. We sold our first house. We moved to Pocatello for REAL jobs. We bought our second house. We had a baby girl. We built a house. We had a son. Now celebrating 5 years of marriage.
Here are some pics of our special day...

Michael I love you so much. Thanks for loving me the way you do and making me laugh everyday. Cue Kings of Leon... :)

That day on the stairs wasn't just the moment I knew I had a was the moment I knew my future was present.


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Meradith said...

5 years!? Really?? That seems so long but its gone by sooo fast!! Still sad I was in South America for your special day.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You two have many happy years to come.