01 January 2009

Day 67

Well the framing is wrapped up and it is time to pick out colors add windows and get the cabinet guys lined out. Man the process of building a home is very complex but when you are busy it truly flies by. Here are some pics I took last week I will post more next time I am up there.


m@R(! said...

that is exciting that it is going up!!

Leah said...

Hey thanks for the comment! I am glad you did, I come across peoples blogs from highschool all the time and I am too shy and stupid to comment. So anyways... don't apologize and don't feel stalkerish either! And I just have to say that Berlin is gorgeous! I love her huge blue eyes and those adorable blonde curls. She is a perfect mix of you and Michael. Parenthood is the best wouldn't you agree?! Congrats on the new house too, way exciting.

Yeah Casey lives just down the road from us with Barry. It's fun having him here, he is the best sitter in town too! He's doing really good and I will pass on to him that you said hi.

Stoddards said...

your house is coming along great! can't wait to see the finished project.
looks like disneyland didn't disapoint. glad the holidays were good to you!

Alexis said...

I think a Baumgartner Grandkid Christmas Exchange would be awesome! And I'll be living right next to those guys in CA - you'll have to come out and we can all reunite again! haha

Haylie said...

I would love to get together this weekend. I am pretty much free either Saturday or maybe we could go to lunch or something...let me know what works for you.

stacy h. said...

how fun and exciting bran! i wish i was building a house and got to choose exactly what i wanted. lucky! i miss you, it's been too long. months!! lets all get together soon. i am thinking a baby shower for court is the perfect reason! talk to ya soon. good luck with all the house stuff.

Knapp family said...

I can't remembers who's page I was one before coming to your blog. I spent to long visiting yours and now have brain freeze.
You have a great blog. What a awesome Job you have.
I grew up in Thousand Oaks CA.
Now live in Just out side of Boise. It's cold and in the winter I miss Warm CA.
My Bro still lives in San Diego.
Anyway I thought since I stopped by I would leave a comment.

Enjoy that baby. She is adorable

Skylette said...

Oh, the fun part!! Colors and cabinets and everything to make that house your home! I'm excited for you!