19 June 2008


I am so sorry to age all my girlfriends but my sisters turned 21 on the 12th of June!!! We are getting so OLD:( No seriously I am really bummed about it too. I turn well let's just say I am on my way down the 20's hill and starting to roll making my journey faster and faster this year especially.
Anyway back to my 21 so my mom said what better way to celebrate than a trip to JACKPOT NEVADA! We had the best time and all of us left with at least $150 fun...girls weekends rock!


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Everyone needs a girls getaway. You look like such a little super model in all your pictures, especially the beer fest night! Ok so Andrew came and interviewed me yesterday I told them no at first and then decided I would do it. I thought of you, it was pretty funny. It seems like you have a lot of great people you work with. Oh wow, I couldn't beleive the pics of your little sisters. They are not little anymore. I remember I thought they were the cutest little girls ever and I would have them tumble for me.

Anonymous said...

What? They can't be 21! It does make me feel old. That's great that you could spend that time with your sisters and your mom.

Challis said...

I can't believe that whole "generation" is 21 already. We went to Boise this last weekend to visit my brother Daniel and when I saw his apartment it occurred to me for the first time that he is MARRIED and an ADULT (sort of). You, your sisters, and your mom look wonderful, and I agree, with Hayley, you look like a super model in all of your pictures.