13 June 2008


Court this pic is for you! This is why I don't like severe weather. This is a tornado in Omaha NE sent in from a viewer who has family there. WOW...seriously this is why you LISTEN to those sirens COURT!


Skylette said...

Oh my gosh!!! Idaho may be dull to some people, but I will take our weather any day over that! We're pretty blessed actually to live in a place with little to no severe weather.

Court & Brade said...

Oh I just realized I didn't leave you a comment... Ok Ok, I am listening to the sirens now- did you read my Wal mart story? The sirens actually scared me that time! We were on a watch last night... crazy midwest storms. That pic is crazy though. Is that one of the storms this year out here? nuts! Hey, when are you guys going to start building your house? I was just thinking about it the other day?

Jason & Meradith said...

Weren't you born in Omaha Brandi Mae? Or another part of nebraska? So scary! I know I'm behind on getting to that tag, I'll get to it. Guess what I am finished with this term! whoo whoo now I can just get things ready for baby its such a huge stress off my back... I can't wait til you come down! I can't wait to see you! PS I heard take a bow madonna the other day and seriously almost cried thinking of us! haha I love us! Which song did we choreagraph a shoe in there? was it nasty boys? haha love love love you