19 June 2008

DADDA's Day!

As you all know last Sunday was Father's Day and I won't go into intimate detail about my thoughts of my husband as a father or my feelings about my own father way to long of a post I will say this: I am married to not only the best husband a girl could ask for...but a man that loves his daughter as much as I know my dad once loved me.
Michael is the most affectionate, caring, funny and loving father and though I know you all think you have the best catch there is no doubt in my mind that Michael is the BEST man for me and Father of Berlin.
It was a wonderful day to celebrate the new dads & remembering our own dad's.
Happy Father's day!...sorry so late:)

Also I attached some cute photo's of our Berlinny Mae:)


sandiego said...

Ahh Berlin is so freaking cute. I can't believe how big she is!!! I can't wait to be a mommy. Miss you guys.

Court & Brade said...

No doubt that your pops loved you girl---- he was such a funny dad and fun guy huh. :) And holy cow, I can't believe our sisters are so old!! I know, it makes us look old huh. Little Mandi is almost 22 ahhhhhh! And you are the almost the BIg 26! :) I must say you are a pretty good lookin 26 year old girl! :) love ya

The Collette Fam said...

Such a sweet picture of Berlin and her daddy-I love that.