21 January 2011

HaPpY bIrThDaY BIG Boy!!

Oh Everett it was only yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant with you!! I was so overjoyed and couldn't believe that I got to have 2 children that Michael and I would raise to be just like us!! :) Just Kidding...that is actually surprised me the most about are such an individual. You have many similar traits that your sister and you share but most of the time I am amazed at just how different you both are. Everett you are my little mommas boy. You are very sweet and you entertain yourself for days. You hardly ever cry and when you do it's because you have severely hurt yourself.
You love to play basketball and catch with dad and sister. We currently think you are left handed:) You almost have all your teeth. You can say...momma, dadda, MORE, hulk, dog, and poop:) You can walk but you still crawl VERY FAST to get things you want. You love to eat chicken nuggets and waffles. You are severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts which we found out the hard way!
You can show us your eyes, ears, teeth and tongue. You LOVE HULK your dog you hug him and kiss him and TACKLE him. You love to kiss your momma and you are the BEST hugger in the world!
We love you Everett Michael we can't wait for the many memories to come!

Here are some pictures from Everett's Birthday party at the Chubbuck fire department.


LJ said...

his cake is amazing! so fun to know about your blog. :)

Meradith said...

Oh little honey Happy Birthday like 3 months ago!! Aunty Mera has the biggest crush on you!!!

You look stunning B. Stop being so beautiful. Just stop it.