02 November 2009


So like I said before Berlin had two days filled with presents and a few of her favorite things. One thing is her LOVE for Tinkerbell. She really looked like a little pixie with her hair all pulled up and her tights on. Michael and I rented a bounce house and then had a few craft projects to keep the kids entertained. Berlin absolutely loved the bounce house because she LOVES the trampoline at gymnastics. The kids all had a great time and the parents really just got to talk and enjoy drinks and cake because that bounce house was a nice little babysitter.

NO MORE DIAPERS...until the end of December anyway.

Berlinny Mae I want you to know that dad and I love you more than words could ever express you are our angel girl and you make us so happy and feel so blessed.
Her are Berlin's Milestones
She can count to 13 in both English and Spanish
She can say the alphabet with a little help
She is potty trained
She knows all body parts and animals
She will tell you she doesn't member if she can't answer your question
She loves her dogs and all animals
She is very strong and VERY independent...NEVER flush the toilet, she will do it.
She is our little sweet heart and she is going to be the BEST big sister.

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