11 August 2009

Mom's 45th:)

That's right I titled this post with my mothers age:) She doesn't care though because she knows she is an old granny:)
Actually she is a very cool very hip mom and granny. Here are some pictures of her party. One of the requirements to get into her high profile party was if you have a musical talent you have to perform it. Well I USED to play the violin so that wasn't going to happen and my sis Ashley plays the guitar and sings so she was the hit of the party but Whitney and I didn't come empty handed...we made up an awesome Thriller dance and then taped ourselves and gave it to her! It was seriously hilarious...when Michael was finalizing the disc I could hear him laughing at us and though i knew it was really funny footage it was kind of bugging me how FUNNY he thought it was:)

For my moms birthday she got this heavy duty wagon thingyand instead of hauling her veggies or weeds...she uses it as a a ride wagon for Berlinny:) My step dad also got an adorable new puppyher name is Holly and Berlin loves to tell her what to do. The rest are just some fun summer pics.

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