23 July 2009


Guess who found her camera!!!!
Oh my! I have torn my house up and down looking for that dang thing. Well I found it in the back pocket of Berlin's Diaper bag. Anyway, you are going to get a few photo's from a while ago and then a big space of nothing because with no camera there are no new photos:)
The first couple of pictures are of Michael and one of his buds Shane working on our deck. Shane is an amazing carpenter. Our deck is so beautiful with custom craftsmanship. Also Berlin loved playing in the dirt while the boys worked hard.

The next two pictures are of my mom, Dave and Berlin in the Tour De Inkom race it is a bike ride to Inkom and back. It was pretty hard especially for Dave who had to pull Berlin in the back. She fell asleep right after we left.

Here is a picture of our house finished we have been living in it now for about 2 months and absolutely love it! I will post some more pictures of the inside when we get all of it decorated.

Then we have little goof muffin...she is turning into such a little stinker! She LOVES to entertain she likes to jump off the steps, off the couch and when she does it without falling she yells "Momma I deed it! I deed it, I jumped!" Also some fun Berlin stats: She can peel an orange by herself, she even starts it with her teeth:) She is a dare devil like her Dad in this pic on his bike down our street.

She can count to 10 but she is missing 3 and 7. She can almost say her ABC's she can say ABC,P,S,V,Y and Z sing with ME! She also LOVES to sing the Barney song "I love you, you love me and she loves to hug and kiss you when prompted in the song. Berlin has also peed on the potty but is now acting very uninterested so who knows.
Well her is a pic of my little cheeser.

Also I will be 16 weeks in a couple of days and here is a pic from yesterday don't you love my neon shorts:)

Whatever THEY FIT!

Also check out this video it is hilarious it's what a child thinks when you bring home a new baby! Too funny.


Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful! I can't wait to see the inside.
You rock those neon shorts! I think you look cute!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Congratulations on the house and i cant beleive how tiny your belly is. I think my baby is growing in other areas of my body as well as the tummy!!

m@R(! said...

you are a GORGEOUS!! your house is also..i want to come see it sometime!!

Challis said...

Your house is beautiful!
Oh, and cute baby bump. If you were a celebrity I would totally buy the tabloid magazine with you on the cover.

Meradith and Jason said...

I love the new place Brand! Hooray!! I'm so happy for you guys! And you are so stinkin cute and that Berlinny is to die for. I can't believe it she isn't even really looking like a toddler any more she just looks like a little girl!!

Meradith and Jason said...

Oh and tell Shane hi for me!!