20 March 2009

Happy V-DAY!

I know I know this is SOOO overdue. I took some pictures of Berlin in her Valentine's outfit on Love Day seriously how cute is that sweater and the pants have little hearts as the back pockets:)(thanks Grandma Janet). Valentines is one of my most favorite's funny because everybody claims we shouldn't have to have a day to show someone we love each other it should just be a given to do romantic things and give chocolates everyday but I think that is such CRAP! I Enjoy my Anniversary and Birthday because I remember really special moments and cards on those marked days. That is the exact same feeling I have for V-day that make it even more and more special each year.
This year Michael had Berlin make me the most adorable card it had a picture of us together in it and then to see Michael's handwriting while she told him what to write:) PRICELESS:)
Michael and I had a great date night we went to a fancy restaurant called Senang and then we went to He's Just Not That Into was cute but a little too long I like movies like that to be just a little shorter.
Anyway here are the pics of little Berlinny Mae.

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