07 May 2008

I'm a Sucker

Tagged... A to Z
Meradith I am ONLY doing this because you know when playing tag I can't be tagged and not run as fast as I can to tag the next person!

A to Z Tag
A- ATTACHED OR SINGLE: Attached for about 8 years married for almost 3 May 28th to be exact.
B- BEST FRIEND: Michael no one compares.
C- CAKE OR PIE:Oh Cake hands down I HATE pie crust...Gross!
D- DAY OF CHOICE: Friday I get off at 12:30pm and then it's the weekend.
E- ESSENTIAL ITEMS: earrings I seriously have a million and I love buying them for my friends and family sorry to those that keep getting them:)
H- HOMETOWN: I guess IF but I have also grown up in Utah.
I- INDULGENCE: Venti White Choc Mocha..MMMM SOOO good
J- JANUARY OR JULY: July summer is so much better than winter
K- KIDS: 4 or an even number I hated being the singleton:)
L- LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT: My family Michael and Berlin are my everything and it truly makes me hurt to think of life without them.
M- MARRIAGE DATE: May 28, 2005.
N- NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: I am the oldest and smartest of 5 (twin sisters and twin brothers)
O- ORANGES OR APPLES: hmmm right now apples
P- PHOBIAS OR FEARS: I hate tall buildings and boogers...I know so gross but I hate blowing noses of kids and snotty noses period.
Q- QUOTES: I don't have memorized quotes I live by, I think they are cheesy but one thing I want my kids to remember will be to always hold on to their childlike spirit.
R- REASON TO SMILE: A lot of memories with my friends...I love the Dwight Shrute comment that seriously made me smile:)
S- SEASON: Fall I love the warm colors but I hate what it leads to...COLD!
T- TAGGED FRIENDS: Ummm if your name starts with A,C,H,J,M,N or S:)
U- UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I wish I was Greek...I don't know why I just love their culture and their love for family plus I need an excuse for my big hair:) Oh and a weird fact I have always had a weird feeling since I first saw Michael in Jr High that he would be a part of my life in a big way in the future:) So Cheesy but true.
W- WORST HABIT: procrastination
X- XRAY, ULTRASOUND, OR MAMMOGRAM: Ultrasounds what kind of question is that!
Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican it's in my blood:)
Z- ZODIAC: Virgo along with Berlin my baby girl so could be a good thing or a very very bad thing...hahahaha.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag I have to say I enjoyed that one. I always love reading about other people!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

I had fun reading your answers. That is so cute that you remember Michael being someone special that long ago. Congrats on Berlin crawling...where does the time go?!

m@R(! said...

that was fun to read...thanks for sharing! i guess i am tagged now since my name starts with an M. DId youdo that on purpose?? :)

Skylette said...

This was seriously such a fun post to read about you! I loved the comment about having an excuse for your big hair. LOL, too cute. :)

Challis said...

I HATE pie crust and Mexican food is in my blood too...maybe we're related or something