27 February 2008

Strike a ROSE!

Here is Michael's B-day cake we learned how to make roses! Man was it hard but a fun little challenge.


Haylie said...

all your cakes are awesome. I cannot believe your brothers are 19...doesn't it make you feel old...haha! They are all grown up. I have not seen them forever. But again, your cakes are great.

Challis said...

Of course I remember you! You probably don't know this but you were my hero during Jr. High volleyball. I remember trying to do my hair just like you, etc.
You have a beautiful daughter, and it looks like you are doing some really cool things with yourself as well. Your mom was always one of my favorite anchorwomen, and I have no doubt that you are following in her first steps! Thanks for saying hi.

Jodee said...

Only a real man can handle a pink and purple birthday cake. Props.

The Collette Fam said...

Brandi, I'm not sure how I came across your blog but what a surprise! I can't beleive you're a mom...what a beautiful daughter! Looks like things are going really good for you guys. It's been forever but I wanted to drop a quick note and say hi. Send me your email so I can send an invite to see our blog.
Tell Michael what's up for me and congrats on the new addition...what a sweatheart!
- Derek Collette (Think way back to high school.)