13 February 2008


Okay so again last night I am at my cake decorating class & I can't help but wonder if Berlin is completely FREAKING out while my mom is watching her! She is so attached to her momma it really is a little scary:
No...I know it's a stage but I feel really bad for my mom she has been watching her every Tuesday night while I go to my class and Michael has been going to an archery club where they shoot around and compete with eachother for a couple of hours and she cries the WHOLE time!
When I got home usually it is a couple of sighs, tears and then she hugs me like she hasn't seen me for a WEEK...but last night was different...Justin my bro was there with my mom and she did a lot better!
Berlin since she was about 3 months has really taken to men. I am serious she flirts and really wants the is actually really funny so it didn't really surprise me she did so much better with a guy there.
Sooo I've been thinking & I might have a hard week because I think I might have to fire grandma and offer Berlin's new boyfriend a job:) Jussyman!
JK grandmama!


m@R(! said...

you look so beautiful!! That is so cute that your little girl loves you soooo much. I also love your it hard to eat them after all that hard work?

Jason & Meradith said...

Oh my heck Brand it is so fun to see that little girl getting bigger! It's still weird to see you as a mom and probably will be forever, and yes I totally agree with it being strange that we want to show our bellies off. It's like a womanly pride haha. Oh and about that horrific night when we got chased wih bats, haha I remember Justin Bird and JD Meacham specifically.. remember there was supposed to be a big brawl after that football game? I think it was againt Bonneville, I don't remember but there was supposed to be a rumble, that's why they were all armed. Then the cops showed up or something..ugh ghetto high school days when we thought we were sooo cool!! But, I love the heck out of those memories!!

Stoddards said...

look at you and berlin you are to cute!! iam so new at this i just figured out that there was a place to leave comments. sad huh... i love this whole idea of keeping in touch its fun this way. love ya!