16 January 2008

Okay so Michael and I are going to start building a home in Sept. of 08'! I am so excited but already trying to find the right lot has been stressful plus Pocatello is such a weird little town when it comes to real estate. The lots in this are range from $40,000 to $65,000! You would think that this area the lots would be cheaper. These prices even exceed the lot prices of Idaho Falls.

Here is a picture of the lot we are looking at it has great views of the city and will be right next to the new Golds Gym, Costco and Chile's.
If you have built recently let me know your likes and dislikes of the process I love to hear comments so even if you don't know me...make your voice be heard...I would love any advice.


stacy said...

geez, we need to move to idaho! great land at a great price! how exciting to build a new home! it will be so fun to choose everything and have it all exactly how you want it.

Jason & Meradith said...

So fun looking at lots, those pics are awesome. Sounds like great location too... Jason is land hungry right now we are always looking for a place to build. He is a farmboy at heart and wants to get some wide open space... and sing dixie chics... haha keep me posted on the house stuff, so fun!