08 January 2008

Okay so I guess yesterday was a day of pain! Stace got her wisdom tooth pulled:) Oh and my angel had her third round of immunization shots!!! Seriously I hate the shots I truly think that it hurts me so much more than it hurts Berlin. She was such a sweetheart yesterday giggling and playing with the doctor....then BAM 2 nurses attack and stretch out her body and give the shots all at one time!!! It truly makes me want to throw down! The first round I started crying because it was so sad.
Well I am glad it is over and not until March do we have the fourth round...few!

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Alexis said...

Ah! I can't even handle my own shots, heaven knows I won't be able to handle it when I have to watch Alivia get them. Also, Berlin is the freaking cutest baby I've ever seen! She has the prettiest eyes! She makes me excited to see what the little one in me is going to look like. I've been loving the pregnant life too - until recently. I've just entered my third trimester and moving around is getting a little harder. Now I have to squat my legs like a duck in order to reach down and pick something up. It's quite flattering...