22 November 2010

My Favorite Son

This is Everett Michael Erickson! LOL I used to update everything Berlin did when she was a baby and I have been HORRIBLE about updating the blog with Everett's milestones so here is a little recap of the most beautiful baby boy!

He is 10 months and so sweet. Berlin was a sweet baby but very active and Everett is so bashful and reserved he is really quite opposite from his older sister who is 3 turning 16:)

He can say bye, hot, Hulk, Dog, Uh-oh, momma, dadda and ho, ho ,ho! He loves to play catch and is really good at it. I am actually amazed at how much different boys and girls are when they play I actually try to give Everett Berlin's baby's to love and snuggle and he doesn't want anything to do with them. So funny.

He has 4 top teeth and 5 bottom teeth. He is crazy about food but HATES textures and this little video will show you what I mean we went to Famous Dave's and I tried to get him to eat I think cheese and he wasn't having it!

He has darker hair than Berlin did and his eyes are a darker blue. He is a momma's boy but really LOVES spending time with his dad and sister and always has to have an eye on them especially if they are together.

He will be one December 28th so this is his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. We love this little guy so much and are looking forward to the many memories ahead of us.

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