04 May 2009

Little updates...

So our house should be completed in about 2 weeks. Man it has been a long haul really we are coming up on a year from when we bought the lot. The house is beautiful though and really has been worth the wait. I will post pics of the final product here soon.
Now to the important stuff...BERLIN MAE! I have a few post's of Berlin that are just hilarious it is so crazy how freaking adorable and down right funny my little girl is. Here are some morning shots after breakfast...she likes to still use her hand a lot when she eats and notice the syrup in her hair. We've started to style it with syrup since it stays styled so long and even shampoo can't get it out.

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Alexis said...

I swear curly hair is a blessing and a curse! Even though Livy doesn't have that much hair yet, It's super wavy in the back and I freaking have to work the knots out of it every morning! So sad. And ever since you mentioned how much Berlin looks like Ashley, I can't get over it! It's crazy!

Also, I just realized I haven't told you thank you so much for Livy's birthday gift! She loves that thing! She's working on the zipper right now. Haha She's seriously obsessed with it! She brings it to me everyday.

Oh and I'm glad to hear the house is almost done! That must be such a huge relief! I can't wait until we get out of an apartment and actually own a home.