06 February 2009


If you have seen Madagascar 2 you will ToTally understand my post title! So stinken cute!
So apparently my daughter now LOVES movies she seriously wants to watch Nemo or Tinkerbell EVERYDAY! She is so funny she loves to sing along and really is the child that can't take her eyes away once she gets into her Disney Trance which she gets from my mother!!! Anyway Michael and I were bored last Friday afternoon so we decided to take her to her first movie...she did such a great job and MAN can that girl eat popcorn it was hilarious she was such a big girl!
And yet she is still my baby...when there is a little too much stimulation this is what you get on the way home:)Notice the licorice on her face...she is my sugar baby.


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

I love taking my boys to the movie, i am glad she loved it too! I love how tired she was after the show, so cute.

Skylette said...

Oh, so precious! It's so great when they get to a point when you can take them to a movie... until she starts potty training. skip the movies during that phase! lol

Jordyn Parry said...

She is so cute! That's awesome she did so well during the movie!

Grandma B. said...

Ilove you sharing your life moments with me. So my little Berlin loves popcorn, how cute. I can't waite for you to come visit us again. Sharing your pictures is like being there, I love them, I love them, I love them.
Love you forever,
Grandma B.